Best Men’s Hybrid Shorts

Summer is in full swing, which means you need to grab a few pairs of hybrid shorts to complete your wardrobe and enjoy some extra convenience. In a nutshell, hybrid shorts are combinations between standard shorts and board shorts. With hybrid shorts, you can wear them comfortably in public or while shopping, yet still dive straight into the water and not have to worry about your shorts staying wet for hours afterward.

Hybrid shorts combine performance and fashion in equal measure. Vintage 1946 offers some of the best men’s hybrid shorts on the market. Let’s take a look at some of these shorts collections in detail.

Best Men's Hybrid Sport Shorts

Sport Shorts

First up are our hybrid sport shorts. These sport shorts are made of a quick-drying hybrid fabric and feature an elastic waistband and functional drawstrings. Not only do these features keep the shorts comfortable no matter what, but they also prevent the shorts from stretching out too much and losing their fit, even after being soaked.

They're available in casual and relaxed fits with 7.5-inch inseams. These short sport shorts (say that three times fast!) are perfect for swimming, working out on the beach, playing tennis, or enjoying other athletic and recreational activities.

Plus, we've designed this line of sport shorts in plenty of fun colors and prints, ranging from camo to stripes, and more. There's even a pair of shorts that looks more like swim trunks than traditional shorts! All in all, these sport shorts are perfect if you want one pair of shorts to suit you well no matter where your summer day takes you.

Gurkha Shorts

You can also go for a different type of hybrid shorts: Gurkha shorts. Gurkha shorts are now available as trousers, too, though they’re more common in their original shorts style. Regardless, all Gurkhas are worn high on the waist and have wide legs to allow optimal airflow. These are true hybrid shorts in that they have more in common with loose or baggy board shorts compared to traditional shorts, but make no mistake: They’re highly comfortable and can be fashionable with the right pairings.

Vintage 1946 offers a collection of quality Gurkha hybrid shorts. These are made of quick-drying hybrid fabric, similar to the rest of our hybrid shorts collections. They feature 9-inch inseams, so they're not quite as short as the other options, but they don't fall below your knees.

More importantly, these Gurkha hybrid shorts feature wide belt loops, which make them perfect for combining with any belt in your wardrobe. The stretchy fabric will keep them comfortable and casual looking for years to come, provided you take care of them.

Overall, these hybrid shorts look very similar to normal casual shorts, but they are made with superior materials. The performance fabric and features allow them to suffice for both hanging out with your friends in public or participating in light athletic activities.

Windjammer Shorts

Last but not least are Vintage 1946’s windjammer shorts. These casual stretch hybrid shorts come with the same quick-drying hybrid fabric mentioned earlier, plus elastic waistbands and drawstrings. With 9-inch inseams, these are fairly long without being too long for comfort and can be worn on the beach, while swimming, or while enjoying other sports.

Like our sport shorts, the windjammer shorts come with many different fun patterns and prints, so you can customize your wardrobe or showcase your fun personality. These also come with functional pockets, including interior front mesh pockets and secure zippered rear pockets. Those latter pockets are ideal for storing your keys or wallet, even while swimming or engaging in athletics.

The key difference between the sport shorts and windjammer shorts is length. Sport shorts are a little shorter, while windjammer shorts are a bit longer. Thus, they might be better for hanging out with friends in public or for engaging in other summertime activities.

Regardless, our windjammer shorts are perfect for practically any summer engagements you have in mind. They’re great for going with the flow!

Shorts for Every Style

Vintage 1946 has a pair of shorts for practically any style you can imagine. When it comes to hybrid shorts for men, we’ve got you covered, whether you want to prioritize athletic comfort, leisure time, or versatility.

Want to know more? Check out our shorts and summer collection today and contact us if you have any questions!