Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Gift giving is hard. It’s one thing to buy presents for kids, who always seem to have a wish list as long as their arm, but buying for adults is trickier. If you are trying to shop for a special man in your life, we hope this post helps get you pointed in the right direction.

Before you start thinking about specific gifts, it’s a good idea to consider the direction you want to go for a specific individual. You probably don’t want to buy this person anything that they use for work, since that doesn’t really seem in the spirit of a fun holiday gift. So, what other options are on the table? 

Further a Hobby

Many people struggle to spend money on their hobbies when other, more practical expenses need to fit into the budget. So, holiday time is a great opportunity to give the man in your life a gift that will allow him to enhance his favorite pastime. For example, you could get a new bike accessory for the avid cyclist, or you could track down a new golf bag for the man who loves to hit the links.

Upgrade Some Tech

These days, it’s hard to go wrong with a high-tech gift. Most people, men and women included, interact with many forms of technology on a daily basis. Whether it is a new pair of Bluetooth headphones or a smart home accessory, a tech-related gift is typically well-received.

Buy Quality Clothing as a Holiday Gift

Clothing is a great choice, but how do you go about it? After all, clothing is highly personal, so picking something out for another person can be a challenge.

Getting the fit right is the hardest thing about buying clothes for someone else. With that in mind, consider outerwear for this purchase, as you’ll have a little more wiggle room in terms of the fit. For example, the Heathered French Terry Quarter Zip from our 2021 Fall Collection is a comfortable, attractive piece that can be used in a variety of settings.

In addition to classic fits, a casual hoodies are always a winner. Hoodies keeps things casual and provides a garment that any man will have an opportunity to use. The French Terry Hoodie we sell here at V1946 is impossibly comfortable and is sure to become a wardrobe favorite.

If you aren't sure of a person's taste or size, you could always go the gift card route. Here at V1946, we offer gift cards in a variety of denominations. The great thing about buying a gift card from a specific clothing retailer is that you will ensure the money is spent on a nice garment that the recipient will love.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Shopping

The holiday season should be enjoyable, but there isn’t much to enjoy about rushing through your shopping at the last moment. Take care of some of your key purchases today. We have plenty of different garments that will appeal to a wide range of men, and the quality of our items is sure to impress. With a quality gift for some peace of mind, you can sit back and look forward to the parties and other celebrations you’ll attend with friends and family. Thank you for visiting V1946 and happy holidays!