Best CrossFit Shorts for Men

CrossFit is an extremely popular way to stay in shape. There are thousands of active CrossFit gyms across the country, with countless people sweating their way through these challenging workouts every day. If you like to participate in CrossFit, one thing that can improve your experience is to have the right clothes available. With this post, we are going to discuss what to look for in the best CrossFit shorts for men!

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What to Look for in CrossFit Shorts

There are some important features to keep in mind when picking out men’s shorts for CrossFit workouts. You don’t want your shorts to hold you back during a workout, so make sure they check the following boxes:

  • Comfortable. First and foremost, your workout shorts need to be comfortable. A CrossFit workout is all about pushing your limits and testing your body, and you don’t want to be fighting your shorts at the same time you are fighting a workout routine. Make sure any pair of shorts you pick is going to deliver the comfort needed to give it your best in the gym.
  • Flexible. A variety of dynamic movements are involved in any given CrossFit session. Not only does your body need to be flexible enough to execute those movements, but your shorts need to go along for the ride, as well. Shorts that are made with stiff, rigid material are not a good pick for a workout day.
  • Quick to dry. It would be great if you could head home for a shower right after each workout, but the real world isn’t always so convenient. You may need to go do other things after you are done at CrossFit, so having shorts that dry quickly is a nice feature. Wearing shorts that dry out on the go will allow you to be more comfortable—and more presentable—until you are able to get home and shower off.
  • Stylish. Sure, style isn’t everything and doesn’t really impact your performance. But if you can feel great and look great while you’re at, wouldn’t you want to? Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you have to throw fashion sense out the window. Who knows, you may even catch a few eyes at the gym, too.

Vintage 1946 Sport Shorts

Vintage 1946 Men’s Sport Shorts are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you are headed to the gym for a workout or to the beach with your friends, these shorts are up to the task. They’re also the perfect choice for men’s CrossFit shorts!

The stretch quick dry fabric we use—a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex—gives these shorts plenty of flexibility and allows them to dry quickly after a workout. Also, the interior compression short included in the design gives these shorts tremendous comfort and performance. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors and fashion-forward styles. You’ll likely find yourself wearing them for more than just your CrossFit outings.

Key Features

  • Stretch Quick Dry Fabric
  • Hybrid Material for Land & Sea
  • Interior Compression Short
  • Elastic Waist
  • Secure Zip Rear & Side Pocket
  • 7 1/2" Inseam
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

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Choosing the Correct Inseam Length

Inseam length is an often-overlooked component of men’s shorts design. This is a dimension that many men never give a second thought, but it plays a huge role in how your shorts look and perform. This is an especially important point for shorts that are going to be used in an athletic endeavor like a CrossFit workout.

When shopping for CrossFit shorts, you’ll want to avoid inseams on the high and low ends of the spectrum, like 5’’ on the short side or 10’’ on the long side. Something in the range of 7’’ to 8’’ will be a great pick when physical activity is on the agenda.

Our Sport Shorts, for instance, feature a 7.5’’ inseam, which is going to work well for most men in this application. The 7.5’’ length is enough material to keep you covered up during the various parts of the workout, but it’s not so long that the shorts are going to get in your way.

Some Practical Considerations

When you look at the features we included in our Sport Shorts, you’ll see a couple more practical points that have been addressed. For one thing, these shorts feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring, rather than a button closure. Most men will find this to be a more comfortable arrangement and more suitable for the CrossFit setting.

We’ve also included both a side pocket and a secure zip rear pocket. You will likely need to take a few things into CrossFit with you, like your keys and wallet, so having shorts with no pockets can get annoying quick. Our Sport Shorts have the pockets you’ll need to stay organized before and after your workout sessions.

Get the Best Men’s Shorts at Vintage 1946

For those who work out regularly, having a few pairs of quality shorts available will make life easier—and more comfortable. Whether you need a reliable pair of shorts for your tough CrossFit workouts or simply want to stock up your wardrobe, shop Vintage 1946 today!

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