Add Pastel to Your Spring Outfits

When winter fades out and spring moves in, a change to your wardrobe is inevitable. Updating the style of your clothing is important, as the colors and designs that tend to dominate winter garments can be out of place on a sunny spring day.

Picking up some items that feature pastel shades is a great way to add colors that match the tone of the season. Check out the collections we have available here at V1946 to make sure your wardrobe is ready for the spring and summer months to come.

What are Pastel Colors?

You have certainly seen pastel colors in many different applications, even if you didn’t know what they were called. These are the quieted tones of just about any color you can imagine, and many of them make their way into the world of fashion. Where a standard yellow shade might be bright and bold, a pastel yellow would turn things down dramatically while still delivering a pop of color.

Thanks to their soft appearance and the warmth they offer, pastels are particularly popular for spring fashion. You’ll see a lot of pastel options during this time of year since they feel so nicely suited to the improving weather and outdoor living. It’s certainly possible to build a spring wardrobe without pastels, but opening up some space in your closet for this category will give you a new level of versatility when you get dressed each day.

Balancing Style and Function

When shopping for pastels to add to your spring wardrobe, it’s important to think both about how the garments will look and how they will perform. Remember, this is a season that is known for changing weather conditions, so you need to consider your local climate and what kinds of garments are likely to be required from day to day.

If your local area is sure to have plenty of warm days throughout the spring, a pair of shorts featuring pastel colors would be a great addition. For example, our Patch Madras Shorts offer an eye-catching design, creating a perfect look for many spring occasions. And, thanks to 100% cotton construction and a modern fit, they’ll be comfortable as you shake off the winter months and enjoy the warm temperatures that have finally returned.  

Of course, not every day during the spring is going to be suitable for shorts. So, you’ll also want to have some pants on hand in colors that you enjoy, such as these Classic Vintage Twill Shorts which are available in many pastel shades such as pink, sky blue, and yellow. These shorts are made with 100% cotton and have a flat front design. By stocking up on both pants and shorts, along with some short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, you will be able to take on whatever the spring weather has in store.

How to Wear Pastels

While we love pastels and we think you will too, it can be tricky to create a whole outfit when one of the pieces uses a pastel tone. As a starting point, consider your skin tone. Different skin tones work better with certain pastel colors. If you have fair skin, lighter pastels may be too similar to your skin tone, making you look washed out. Consider going with shades like pistachio green, coral, and certain shades of pink to help you and your outfit pop.  

You should also wear complementary colors, especially if you plan to wear more than one pastel color at a time. Beige or white shorts can pair well with many pastel shirts. You may choose to explore pairing options like yellow and pink or blue and green.

Add Pastel Colors to Your Wardrobe

If you’ve never before included any pastel colors in your wardrobe, consider starting with a single piece to see how you like the look. No matter what colors you decide for your spring outfits, shopping at V1946 makes it easy to pick up comfortable, quality garments for fair prices. Thank you for visiting and we hope to receive your order today!