Complimentary Hemming: 4 Signs Your Pants Need It

True: we at Vintage 1946 offer complimentary hemming or cuffing with our pant products, which is why we want to tell you all about why it’s important. But we’re also suckers for a properly-hemmed pair of pants.

After all, there’s nothing quite so irritating as seeing a pair of pants that spills over the ankle, or a pant leg that’s been worn down to nothing because it keeps getting caught under your shoe. We don’t want to see that, you don’t want to see that—no one wants to see that. So if you want a stylish pair of pants that are hemmed, compliments of Vintage 1946, we’re glad to oblige. And if you don’t think you need it, well, here are four signs that you might:

Sign #1: Worn-out legs. If you’ve ever seen a guy continue to wear a pair of jeans where the back of the leg has been worn down to a few faded threads, you know the problem: the jeans should have been hemmed. After all, no pair of jeans truly “fits” if the very act of walking causes it damage. The usual wear and tear is to be expected, but completely wearing pants down to the thread? That’s another thing entirely. If your own pants have worn-out legs, it might be time to consider a fresh pair. And complimentary hemming.

Sign #2: Billowing. You know how pants look when they’re too long? There’s a simple tell: look at yourself in a full-length mirror and check for billowing. Billowing refers to the constant folding of the pants, even when standing up. If your pants have half a dozen ribbons of excessively-folding fabric, then they might stay above the ankle, but only because of that unsightly billowing. You need to eliminate it with a complimentary hem.

Sign #3: You don’t know any tailors. It’s not easy to find hemming in this day and age. If you live in a small town, there’s a chance you don’t know any tailors—and you’ll have to drive far and wide to find the nearest one. If you’d rather just skip all that and secure a pair of pants that fit the first time you wear them, then be sure to order some with our complimentary hemming process built right in to the order. If you don’t know any tailors, it only makes sense to shop from a place that will partially tailor your pants for you.

Sign #4: Your hems or cuffs keep coming apart. It’s popular to hem or cuff your own legs by folding them up, but let’s be honest: this is far from a permanent solution. Sure, it gives you the flexibility to unfold them at your leisure, but if your pants don’t fit, why would you ever need to do that? It’s better to cinch them up and have your pants fit the right way every single time you put them on. And, yes, we might just have the complimentary hemming services you need for that.