Reversible Shorts: Maximize Your Shopping Before Summer Hits


How often can you buy something that’s valuable enough to use twice—every single time you try it out?

Chances are this is rarer than you think. Buy a great meal and you can only eat it once. Put on a fresh shirt and you can only wear it once before it goes back into the hamper. Try one colorful pair of shorts and you can only match that item with a few items in your wardrobe.

Wear a pair of reversible shorts, however, and the odds shift in your favor.

Reversible shorts aren’t only about getting twice the value for your dollar. They’re also about convenience—the ability to change from “fun” to “formal” at the drop of a hat. They’re about keeping your vacation luggage minimized. And they’re about having the freedom and flexibility to try all sorts of new outfits without spending an hour every morning.

If you’re preparing your wardrobe for spring and summer, there’s no better time to buy reversible shorts—as long as you can find the pair that suits your taste. It just so happens we have a few suggestions.


Reversible Short Orange: The skull-and-crossbones pattern on the “fun” version allows you to cut loose on the beach, ready for anything. The vintage patch madras on the other side? It’s still fun, but it’s a little dressier—and the pop of color you get from the orange side will ensure that it doesn’t look like every other pair of madras shorts out there. Perfect for dressing down with t-shirts or dressing up with oxford cloth and other button-downs.



Reversible Short, Light Blue: The light blue side is destined for a Caribbean vacation or spring break. The madras side is bold, colorful, and just as fun. There’s no reason you ever have to change shorts if you want to go from poolside to a night out on the town or even a casual dinner—just as long as you reverse these shorts, you’ll be prepared for it all.



Reversible Short Navy: If you want something a little formal on both options, this is the choice to make. One side is non-repeat plaid and the other is seersucker. You’ll notice with these shorts in particular that the two sides are meant to go with each other, since you’ll still get a hint of the reverse-side color no matter which you’re wearing. And they both work, no matter if you’re dressing up with a polo or keeping it casual with a T-shirt.



Reversible Short Khaki: Retro plaid, khaki poplin—either side is perfect for dressing up for an evening dinner. But the khaki poplin is as versatile as anything you’ll ever wear in “short” form, so wear it with anything short of a tuxedo top and you’ll do just fine.



Of course, we don’t only specialize in reversible shorts—all of the vintage shorts you find here are aimed at the modern, tasteful style that’s so in vogue. It just so happens that the reversible shorts are a two-in-one, but no matter which you pick, you can’t go wrong.