Know When and Where to Wear Sahara Twill

“Sahara Twill.” The very name seems to suggest a type of pant that’s only appropriate in the desert, or when the weather’s close enough that it doesn’t make a difference. But as it turns out, this unique type of twill—which is itself a simple weaving pattern with diagonal ribs—is actually well suited for just about any time of the year. It is, in a word, versatile.

But that doesn’t mean you always know how to pull of Sahara Twill like ours—or for which situations it might be most appropriate. If you want to learn that, we’ll give you a few hints. But first: the fundamentals of twill.

Know Your Twill

For many people, the twill weave is one of the most versatile there is. You can find it in shirts, pants, blankets, fabrics, and just about anything that you can weave together to create an article that keeps you warm.

But twill is not wool; twill is just a weaving pattern while wool is a specific type of fabric. This means that there’s more leeway when it comes to your twill. You won’t get any odd looks simply because you’re wearing twill at a certain type of year. Wool? Sometimes. Twill? Never.

Sahara Twill is made with a light and breathable cotton that still has a substantive feel to it thanks to, of course, the twill pattern. Sahara Twill Trim Fit Stone is appropriate in the summer thanks to the obvious pre-Labor Day color; in winter and fall, something like Sahara Twill Trim Fit Hunter Green would be more appropriate.

When and Where to Wear It

Of course, the honest answer is that you can wear Sahara Twill when and where you please. But since you came here looking for specifics, here are a few of the more appropriate scenarios:

  • Around the office. Sahara Twill makes for a heck of a chino, and with today’s general “business-casual” environment, there’s nothing more appropriate (and comfortable) for wearing around the office. If you do have to wear something more resembling a business dress style, then you might want to dress it up with a blazer.
  • Casual Parties. If you’re going to hang out with a friend at their place, heading to a dinner party, or enjoying a casual get-together at a restaurant, then Sahara Twill will look perfect for all of the above. It’s comfortable enough to justify wearing it in casual situations and it won’t make you feel “over-dressed,” even if you are a little ahead on the style curve.
  • First dates. If you need to make an impression, it’s not difficult to dress up your Sahara Twill with something a little more formal. You can wear a button-down on top and even add a blazer if you want a little bit more of a dressier look. If not, you can always keep it casual with a sweater on top when the weather’s cool.

No matter where you are, there’s probably Sahara Twill that will work perfectly for the occasion. The only question is: which one is your favorite?

January 14, 2016 by Vintage 1946
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