Three Reasons to Wear Woven Shirts for Christmas

Christmas is going to be here more quickly than you can imagine, and with Christmas comes the occasional family obligation: show up and look your best. The first part is easy--it’s that second part about looking your best for family get-togethers, religious services, and community programs that seems to vex some people.

Fortunately, at Vintage 1946 we have a quick sartorial solution: woven shirts. If you’ve been thinking about wearing just another ugly old Christmas sweater or the standard button-down look this Christmas, we can think of three reasons you might consider our fashionable alternative.

Reason #1: Add some color in your holiday wardrobe

When you walk down the street in winter, you’ll notice that most people opt for a sort of drab, monochromatic look. And there’s nothing wrong with that--if that’s what you want to do. But other people like to give people something to look at. After all, that’s the idea behind good style: you’re not doing it only for you, but to make yourself more presentable to others.

Adding a splash of holiday color doesn’t only have to be limited to green and red, either. This Yarn Dyed Plaid shirt has a number of colors, including hints of blue and yellow, to go along with the traditional holiday scheme. Worn under a comfortable monochromatic sweater, you can give your outfit just a touch of color.

Reason #2: Comfort means cotton

 Many people picture the usual holiday wear as stuffy and uncomfortable, the kind of outfits that you can’t wait to exchange for a pair of pajamas when it’s time to go to bed. But there’s no reason you can’t dress with a collar and enjoy maximum comfort all the while. Shirts like this Authentic Madras Navy are 100% cotton, which can help “buffer” you against a scratchy wool sweater. Layering with your other formal holiday shirts and coats will help you look the part while staying comfortable. 


Reason #3: Stand out from the crowd

With multiple colors and interesting plaid patterns, our woven shirts offer a different take on winter wear than most. Many people are going to wear tartan shirts, monochromatic sweaters, and coats with virtually no texture this winter--it’s just what people do. You can wear much of the same thing and still stand out from the crowd because one of your layers is so vibrant and different.

It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd during winter, after all. There are a lot of layers to wear and most of the time, you’re covered in a thick coat. It’s the small details--like the quality of the shirt you’re wearing underneath--that will separate you this holiday season and show you for the style master you are. Who knew a woven shirt could accomplish so much?

Get all your holiday apparel at Vintage 1946. Look your best this Christmas with our full collection of affordable and fashionable styles.