Three Outfits You Can Wear this Christmas

For many people, Christmas is something of a fashion event. Whether heading to a family get-together at a cabin or dressing up with extra gusto for church, people want to look their best. The problem? Not everyone always knows what looks good. Here are three different outfit suggestions that vary depending on how you plan on spending your Christmas this year.

Outfit One: The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Look

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage, and darned if we know why. Maybe it’s because the ugly Christmas sweater makes us nostalgic for the days when we were kids and we didn’t care how cool we looked--we just liked looking festive for the season. Whether you have an ugly Christmas sweater party this year or you simply want to dress up in a Christmas sweater that isn’t ugly, we have a few tips:

  • Try and keep it clean. There are “dirty” Christmas sweaters out there that take the definition of “ugly” to a whole new level. Don’t give your grandma something to complain about.
  • Dress the rest of your outfit down. A simple pair of Military Twill in khaki is enough to provide to sing backup for the lead singer that is your Christmas sweater.

Outfit Two: Going to Church

Whether Christmas mass is a yearly event for you or just another day at church, you’re still going to want to put your best foot forward and show the solemn event a little bit of respect by looking your best:

  • Pants: Many people forget to bring a little color with their trousers, but you won’t: try the Classic Vintage Twill in Navy
  • Shirt: A plaid button-down or white oxford cloth button down shirt for a collar
  • Sweater: Match brown, white, red, or grey with the navy pants. Look for Fair Isle patterns, as they’re perfect for both Christmastime and winter over the long haul, and is particularly festive for Christmas.

Outfit Three: Christmas Eve Casual

If you don’t have a major family event planned and instead are spending a more casual Christmas eve with your loved ones, you can keep it simple, dress down, and still look every bit as sharp as you would in the other outfits: 

  • Pants: Stretch corduroy in bark will be left over from your autumn wardrobe but will work just as fine throughout winter, offering a slightly festive and warm look to your outfit.
  • Shirt: Keep it simple with one shirt, particularly this Chambray Grid Woven shirt in Navy. It’s casual enough to wear around the home if you don’t have any big plans and comfortable enough to wear all Christmas eve.

Which outfit best suits you? That depends on how you’ll spend your Christmas. But no matter how you do, remember that the clothes you wear are just as much for other people as they are for you. So have fun, look your best, and show every occasion the manners it deserves, and you’re sure to enjoy a great Christmas this year.