4 Athletic Pants to Add to Your Wardrobe This Summer

Summer and tons of sunshine are on the horizon, which means you’ll have plenty of time to knock out your exercise goals with daylight left to spare. However, before you plan your exercise routine or a running route, you need to know that you have the right athletic pants in your wardrobe to get the job done.

Luckily, Vintage 1946 offers tons of great athletic pants in different colors, shapes, and types. Let’s break down four athletic pants you should add to your wardrobe this summer.

Blue Ridge Joggers

Joggers are some of the best athletic pants for men, and for good reason. They’re a little lighter than sweats, so they won’t make you sweat up a storm if you go for a run in the summer or do any other big exercise routine. However, they still protect your legs from excessive sun exposure and go well with your favorite exercise hoodie in the cooler temperatures of the early morning or evening.

Vintage 1946’s Blue Ridge Joggers are ideal for lots of guys, especially those who like to run. They’re made with a durable, stretch fabric with a modern fit and jogger bottom, ensuring tons of comfort and flexibility where you need it most. The 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend will go a long way toward ensuring these joggers serve you well for years to come, even after lots of wash cycles.

Plus, these joggers are available in tons of good colors. These black joggers are perfect for guys who like neutral, masculine aesthetics. Alternatively, you can opt for a brighter color, like these sea blue Heather joggers. They’re brighter and perfect for men who like to run with a smile on their faces or head to a coffee shop to meet with their friends after finishing up their workouts.

Everyday Pants

Everyday pants are exactly what they sound like: comfortable, versatile pants you can wear every day and on a variety of occasions. Vintage 1946’s Everyday Pants are perfect for guys who like to work out, lounge around the house, tackle errands, and even meet with friends.

That’s because they are made with a durable, flexible 88% polyester and 12% spandex fabric blend. They feature elastic waists and stretch fabrics, so you can wear them running just as well as you can wear them while you are in the car or tackling some work from your remote office. Everyday pants are also good for guys who enjoy unexpected athletic events, like impromptu tennis challenges from friends and coworkers.

Micrograph Sport Shorts

Who says the best athletic pants are only, well, pants? Not us. Some of the best legwear articles you can wear during athletic activities in the summer aren’t full pants at all but are instead comfortable shorts.

That’s where these Micrograph Sport Shorts come in. These quality, comfortable shorts are made of a hybrid, quick-drying fabric that is suitable for both land exercise and water-based activities like swimming, surfing, and more. Thus, they're the perfect choice for guys who like to hang out on the beach in the summer and who don't mind getting a bit wet from time to time.

They also feature elastic waistbands and secure zippers, so it’s easy to keep your wallet, keys, and other valuables secure even if you do decide to take a dip or jump in the pool. Bottom line: choose these if your athletic activities include those that take place in water.

Men’s Gray Golf Shorts

Are you ready for summertime golf season? You’ll need some good shorts to stay limber and comfortable in the midst of your longest games. Vintage 1946’s Exploded H-Bone Golf Shorts are perfect choices to complement your polo shirts of choice, your caps, and your golfing gloves.

That's because these are comfortable and flexible in equal measure. They feature moisture-wicking fabric to prevent your legs from sweating too much in the hot summer sun, along with comfort stretch waistbands so you don't prevent your hips from rotating during powerful drives with your club. The 10-inch inseam is also perfect for maintaining maximum fashion alongside the other golf players on the course. All in all, it's the best type of athletic pants for avid golfers of all ages.

Wrap Up

All in all, the best athletic pants will be those that are comfortable and fit you perfectly. Take a closer look at Vintage 1946’s athletic pants and shorts; we’re sure you’ll find something you love in no time!