Father's Day Gifts: Three Clothing Gifts for Your Father to Enjoy His Summer

The stereotypical “fatherly” clothes aren’t usually summer wear. If you picture your father, you’ll likely picture something warmer, like a cardigan or sports jacket. Many of fathers may enjoy exactly that kind of style, but it's summertime and it's getting hot out there.

You can’t ignore the fact that the temperature outside calls for a different style of clothes – and a cooler kind of Father’s Day gift. If you don’t want to see your dad’s trademark quizzical expression when he opens your gift, it might be time to buy something a more appropriate for the season. Try these gift suggestions to keep your dad comfortable all summer long.

Knit Henley Shirts

If you think it sounds heavy, just click through our selection of Knit Henley Shirts to see how light and comfortable these actually shirts are. They come in a variety of colors, they’re light to wear, and they can be used on the golf course or relaxing around the house. And in that way, these Henley shirts hit on just about every big point for your Father’s Day clothing ideas: they’re season-appropriate, they’re new and interesting, and we doubt that your father has anything like these shirts already sitting in the closet.

Cotton Twill Pants

If your dad isn’t exactly the “short shorts” type, then Classic Vintage Twill Pants are the perfect alternative. Although, wearing pants on a hot day aren’t always the best choice; twill is one of the top woven patterns in anyone’s summer wardrobe. For guys that don’t like to wear shorts, but still want to be cool and comfortable, twill pants are the best choice. Give your dad an excuse to ditch the denim and the heavy pants, and give him a casual in-between option that will keep him cool – in more ways than one.

Sahara Twill Flat Front Shorts

On the other hand, if your dad is the “short shorts” type, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of different options of Sahara Twill Flat Front Shorts to choose from, each of them designed to be light and easy on the legs during the dog days of summer. If you think those are too short for your dad’s style, you could always opt for the 8.5” alternatives, which still have plenty of breathing room but are longer down the leg.

No matter what you pick out for your dad this year, make sure that you put thought into it before you make the final purchase. Picking the right color and size can be the difference between a Father’s Day gift that he’ll love…and a Father’s Day gift that’s bound for the “unused” end of his closet.