Men’s Cotton Twill Shorts: A Wardrobe Essential


As a man, it’s always great to have a shopping buddy—especially when you’re shopping for clothes. Not only does a shopping buddy offer you perspective when it comes to the fit and color of the clothes you’re buying, but a shopping buddy with a good dose of fashion knowledge can steer you in the right direction and take away all the guess work that comes with every purchase.

But if your shopping buddy isn’t available right now and you know you want some Men’s Cotton Twill Shorts for next year, next season, or the next ten years of your life, then allow us to step in and become your temporary shopping buddy. Here’s what you need to know to make your next cotton twill shorts a go-to piece in your wardrobe:

Picking the Right Color

Check out our Classic Vintage Cotton Twill Shorts page. Go ahead; we’ll wait. Do you see how many colors there are available? Blueberry, British tan, lemon, khaki—the list goes on and on. How do you know which color is the right one for you? Let’s start by asking what you really want in a pair of shorts:

  • Versatility: If you’re less concerned with specific outfit matching and more concerned with buying a pair of shorts that you can wear every day of the week, you’ll want to choose one of the following versatile colors: khaki, navy, sage, slate, or
  • Fashion-forwardness: Want your twill shorts to pop? Then opt for Charleston brick, lime, lemon, or
  • Subtle sharpness: You don’t always have to pop if you want a more subtle yet stylish look. Pick Dijon, British tan, Pink.

Only you know what else is lurking within the confines of your wardrobe—if you have plenty to pair with a fashion-forward color, go ahead and order one. If you’re still building a wardrobe, you’ll get more use out of the versatile or subtle colors.

Fit, Fit, Fit

Unfortunately, this aspect of shopping is the one area we can’t really help you with, except to show you the right direction.

In fashion, fit is king just as location is king in real estate. You want to nail the fit the first time, because nothing says “I’m an adult who still doesn’t know how to dress himself” more than shorts that are falling off your waist.

Luckily, our shorts come in highly specific sizes between 32” and 44”, including the odd numbers. We recommend you try on your best-fitting shorts, check out their waist size, and find a comparable size with us here at Vintage 1946 to get your best shot at nailing the fit right the first time.

Want to be really sure? Then bust out the tape measure and consult our size chart.

Putting it All Together

There’s more to wearing shorts, of course, than we can relate here. We still haven’t told you about which belts to pick out, whether or not you’ll always need a belt, or how to pair shorts with shirts and shoes. But if you buy the right pair of shorts for your taste and make sure they’re as well-fitting as anything else you own, you’re on the right track. And as your personal shopping buddy, that was the goal all along.