Men's Winterwear: Colorful Checks and Plaids

Winter and autumn: they’re two seasons people associate with declining temperatures the need to start layering with black peacoats and drab sweaters. But these seasons don’t have to be depressing. Fall is the season of vibrant, changing colors—and in winter, well, snow goes with any color.

Bright colors don’t have to be reserved for summer. In fact, they can be warm pieces that make for perfect, understated layering as well as attention-grabbing feature pieces in your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the woven shirts here at Vintage to see how you can bring a little color to the cooler seasons.

Printed Buffalo Check

Buffalo check is as versatile in your wardrobe as it is versatile with the seasons. It’s possible to layer a solid Buffalo check shirt like our woven version (seen above) with a sweater in the winter, offering a splash of color to an understated crewneck or V-neck. And considering that blue is one of the most versatile colors in your wardrobe, you might not have to buy another collared shirt for quiet a while.

The orange Buffalo check shirt is an autumn-appropriate color that works with a subtle light jacket as well as a brown sweater. Add it to a pair of jeans and you’ll look occasion-appropriate for just about anything that comes this fall.


Plaid is back, and for good reason: this pattern is perfect for bringing color to your winter layers. Think about it: you’re wearing a black wool overcoat or a monochromatic winter coat all season. You could buy a scarf of many colors, of course, but versatility is an issue there. What do you do? You purchase a shirt like the Oxford Washed Plaid Red seen above. Sure, the many colors—blue, green, brown, red—are quite an eyeful, but that’s exactly what is meant by a “splash” of color in your wardrobe. Add it under a sweater to dress it up or keep it under your coat as a feature piece for when you feel like cutting loose.

The green and yellow plaid shirt (seen above) is another great option that subtly matches the fall colors while contrasting with the usual autumn wardrobe faire. As with many collared shirts, this one can work great when layered with a V-neck or crewneck sweater for warmth. Or roll up the sleeves and use it for those cool and temperate days that require only a pair of jeans or chinos and some casual shoes.

Bringing it All Together

How do you make bright colors work when it’s not summer? It’s a trick question. Bright colors work in all seasons. All it takes is for a woven shirt like the ones you see here to add some warmth to your winterwear and you’ve got an instant outfit. A versatile jacket and a pair of jeans is all you need to dress well while also dressing warm—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.