11 Style Upgrades For Men

Are you feeling like your wardrobe is getting a little tired? A little dull? Take a look at these 11 style upgrades for men so you can liven up your favorite clothing options!

Add A Pattern To Your Favorite Outfit

Let’s say your favorite outfit is jeans and a plain T-shirt. You can mix it up by simply wearing a T-shirt with a pattern, such as this Space Dyed Crew Navy shirt.

Experiment With A BOLD Pattern

There’s a difference between a simple pattern and a bold pattern. Bold patterns truly draw your eye, making them the centerpiece of your look, whereas a simple pattern blends into your style. Liven up your look by experimenting with a striking bold pattern such as these Patch Madras Short in blue

Invest In Cleaner

Cleaner? Really? You’d be surprised. Let’s say your favorite shoes are good, old-fashioned white sneakers. You can invest in a fabric protector spray to keep your sneakers white, even if you occasionally take them off-road. For your favorite shirts, consider investing in fabric softener to keep them wrinkle and maintenance-free. This easy hack will work wonders for your overall look.

Add A Jacket

For a quick style upgrade, many men can simply add a blazer or sport jacket to their wardrobe, and it will change their entire look. This is particularly good for dressing up on more formal occasions. Make sure that you have the jacket tailored!

Iron Your Clothes

Men aren’t always told that we should invest in a clothes iron. But, if you do, you’ll your shirts will look crisp like they were just dry-cleaned. It’s an affordable alternative to having your clothes professionally pressed, and it will keep them looking sharp.

Invest In Dress Shoes

Want a quick way to dress up jeans or khakis? Most of the time, men focus on the upper wear. But you can also invest in a pair of oxford shoes to give your outfits a touch of formality they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Add Buttons

We’re not saying you have to sew buttons on to your shirts. Instead, invest in clothing options that have buttons for a touch of formality to add to your otherwise casual wardrobe. Something as subtle as this Drop Needle Henley in Oatmeal shirt is a great start.

Experiment With New Textures

Have you ever tried corduroy in the autumn? If not, you’re missing out. Stretch Corduroy is a fantastic alternative to jeans that adds a completely different textural dimension to your outfits.

Have An Item Tailored

Having an item tailored—even if it’s something as casual as a woven shirt—can completely change the way it looks on you. It won’t only feel more comfortable, but it will start to look right in a way the shirt never did before.

Tuck In Your Shirt

You’d be amazed at how quickly you can feel put-together when you tuck in your shirt. Plus, there’s more than one way to tuck in your shirt. That means you can experiment with different looks with each new outfit!

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