Men's Fashion Rules For Tucking In A T-Shirt


One of the most basic things a man will ever learn to do when it comes to style is tucking in a t-shirt. But, like anything that’s basic, it’s worth knowing how to do it right. After all, you’ll be tucking your shirt in over and over again for a lifetime. Isn’t it worth learning how to do it properly so you look your best every time? Here are some men’s fashion rules for tucking in a t-shirt that won’t steer you wrong.

Tuck in a Shirt with a Little Give

As with anything in fashion, it all starts with fit. And you won’t have a great time tucking in your shirt if you don’t get the fit of the shirt right.

Before tucking in your shirt, make sure that it has a little give. For example, is there a little extra fabric under the waistline that will allow the shirt to cinch underneath your belt? If so, that’s exactly what you want. Anything else will either be too tight or will lose the tuck as soon as you bend.

You also want to pay attention to how the shirt looks once tucked. If you notice lines from your chest pointing down to the waistline, it may be because your shirt is being too constrained by the tuck—in this case, it’s too small.

Learn a Tucking Style

You’d be surprised that there are more ways than one to tuck in your shirt:

  • Military Tuck. This style is best for shirts with a lot of extra fabric. First, tuck the shirt loosely under your pants, leaving a little fabric to give. Pinch the excess fabric around your obliques, folding over while pushing the excess fabric underneath with your thumb. This gives you a clean, fitted look. If you’re still confused, here’s a visual guide.

  • French Tuck. The French Tuck is a half-tuck, in which you leave part of the shirt open (usually the back) while about half of the shirt is tucked underneath (usually the front). This is a great option for casual t-shirts that don’t have as much excess fabric as required by a military tuck. A French Tuck also looks great on a t-shirt with a little flavor, like the Space Dyed Crew Red Tee.

T-Shirt Tucking Rule #3: Learn to Layer

Once you’ve mastered your favorite tucking style, you’re ready to go beyond and layer your tucked-in t-shirt with something else:

  • A casual blazer. This can be a great way to add some dressiness to a t-shirt look without stealing the thunder of the t-shirt itself. You’ll almost always keep the blazer unbuttoned to suit the casual style.
  • A leather jacket. This is another way to add some visual flair to a t-shirt look, and the contrast between the “wild” style of the jacket and the tucked-in tee makes for an interesting, timeless look.

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