The Vintage 1946 collection reflects an era gone by, but not forgotten. Genuine and rich in detail, our products offer the highest quality signature interiors, while utilizing retro zippers and ole time wooden buttons. We use innovative washes and dyes, while finishing each piece off gracefully with personal touches. Washed, stoned and beaten, our clothing offers a vintage look that goes as well with boat shoes as it does with boots.

We don’t mind boasting about ourselves when it comes to our work. Vintage 1946 uses the highest quality materials and fabrics, so that you can take pride in the clothes you work and play in.

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American Classic Clothing

We hail from the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina—a place where men are held to a high expectation of good manners, a tight grip and loose feet, but we have found that we are not the only ones who understand the composure it takes to balance a life of work and recreation.

All around America are men who work hard and play hard. We salute the gentleman who can take the reigns in the workplace during the week and bait his own hook on the weekend. Each man’s hands are his own to turn a wrench or toast a beer, which is why we fashioned our clothing just for you.
Whatever road you live down, whether a country trail or an urban highway, you will find an American Classic to suite your style here. But be warned: we do expect you to have style. That’s what we believe brought you here in the first place.

We offer shirts, pants and shorts inspired by our Southern roots and 1940s military fatigue, creating a flexible look that can be worn with pride in any season. Our hallmark, military twill pants are available in earthy tones, but also more vibrant colors (we couldn’t resist). The durability of our pants enables them to be dressed up or dressed down to your liking. For warmer weather wear, our vintage shorts collection spans a variety of styles including seersucker and madras, with our own unique approaches to American fashion. Vintage 1946 shirts offer long sleeve comfort, resilience, light and heavier options. When it comes to our garments, we carefully select designs and styles to ensure that each piece is an American Classic.

As your clothing provider, Vintage 1946 promises a speedy turn around, with most orders shipping in less than 24 hours. We offer complimentary hemming on all Vintage 1946 pants and FREE SHIPPING on regular priced orders. Our customer service line is open Monday-Friday, from 9am to 5pm and is toll free. If for any reason you would like to return your garment(s), you may do so up to 30 days from the purchase date.