High Performance Shorts

When you need a pair of shorts to keep up with an active lifestyle, there’s only one option: High Performance Shorts from Vintage 1946!

These shorts are athletic, comfortable, and versatile enough to be worn with casual outfits to a wide range of places and events. But what makes them so special—and why might you want to add some to your wardrobe?

High Performance Shorts vs Ordinary Shorts

There’s nothing wrong with an “ordinary” pair of shorts. Your average cotton shorts will look good, feel breathable, and keep you cool during the summer months. They’ll be comfortable and versatile enough to wear at home as well as out to dinner. But what if you want to be really active?

Our High Performance Shorts are different because they’re built for a more active lifestyle, including the following:

  • An elastic waist. Never worry about the fit of the waist. Every time you put on a pair of High Performance Shorts, it will form naturally to your contours.
  • Mesh pockets. When you’re active, your pockets need to tighten around your keys and your wallet. They should grip them gently rather than let them slide out. Mesh pockets are the solution here, providing an active way to enjoy portability without constantly worrying about whether you’re going to lose your keys.
  • The poly-spandex blend. Polyester forms 92% of the base here, giving its strength and durability to the shorts as you expose them to the elements. But there’s also 8% Spandex here. Why Spandex? It gives the fabric the stretchiness and agility it needs so you can be more flexible and agile too!
  • Scallop leg openings. Many of us forget about one of the most important elements in the quality of our shorts: the leg openings. The scallop leg openings in our Windjammer Hybrid Shorts, for example, aren’t your traditional flat openings. They’re contoured to naturally suit athletic leg movement, which means they can be used for hiking, running, and all manner of physical activity without causing the irritation or chafing you might associate with traditional shorts.

Adding High Performance Shorts to Your Wardrobe

For all the features listed above, perhaps one of the best attributes of our High Performance Shorts is that they can fit in anywhere.

Consider our Windjammer Hybrid Tan shorts, for example. These shorts have all of the athletic characteristics listed above, but they wouldn’t look out of place with a dressier outfit. That makes them great for vacations when you need to pack light and aren’t sure what you may need to wear when going out for sightseeing or lunch.

After all, there’s more to “performance” than athletic comfort. A high-quality pair of performance shorts should also look the part, giving you the freedom to move from the hiking trail to the restaurant without batting an eye. That’s the difference between athletic shorts and High Performance Shorts that can be a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe.