Vintage Young Professional Clothing – Tips & Recommendations

Fresh out of college? Too bad they didn’t offer a “Men’s Fashion 101” course, or else you wouldn’t feel so out of the loop. In your new career, you’re expected to know what phrases like “business casual” mean, even if your wardrobe can’t stack up. But we’ve got good news. We put together some critical links to point you in the right direction and equip you with the young professional clothing you’ll need for both inside and outside the office.

For the Office: The Professional Look

Let’s start with the foundation: a pair of professional pants that will give you the freedom to put together any number of office-ready outfits.

  • Stretch Twill. You can’t go wrong with Stretch Twill. It has a casual look that’s perfect for “business casual” environments—plus it’s a natural pair for all sorts of color combinations that help you break up the monotony of dressing for the work week.
  • Military Twill. Slightly more formal, Military Twill gives you that “disciplined” look that can be great for meetings, interviews, and more. They also pair very well with blazers when you need that extra bit of professional, “tailored” look to your office outfits.

Simply pair these items with a quality pair of shoes and a belt to match and you’ll have no problem wearing just about any shirt to match. And speaking of shirts, here are a few to consider adding to your business wardrobe

  • Oxford Gingham. This shirt is one of the classic casual options out there, but pair it with one of the pairs of pants you saw above and add a few finishing touches—like a quality pair of desert boots—and you’ve got yourself an office-ready look.
  • Oxford Gingham (Charleston Brick). Someone at your office already has a similar oxford gingham shirt? Then show off your individual style with a taste of Charleston Brick, a reference to the “Charleston gentleman” style that’s so popular in business casual spaces these days.

Outside the Office: The Casual Look

Just because you want a more casual look doesn’t mean you have to give casual effort when it comes to your at-home wardrobe. You’re an adult now—it’s time you dress like one. Here are some of our favorite young professional clothing items for socializing and simply wearing around the house. 

  • Grolive Cardigan. Snug, attractive, and comfortable, this cardigan can make great layering in the winter or simply be your featured piece when you want to look your best, but don’t want to give off the “I’m trying too hard” vibe.
  • Solid Oxford Shirt. There’s nothing more versatile than the solid oxford shirt. The highlights on this one make it great for projecting a bit of fun when going out, but no less appropriate for hanging out at home or even pairing with some of our other vintage items for the young professional look at the office.

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It’s hard to go wrong with young professional clothing—at least, once you know where to shop. Keep browsing Vintage 1946 to find the classic American clothing you need to look your best in the post-college world.