Windjammer Shorts – Are They for You?

Some shorts are multipurpose by design. Depending on their fabric, cut, and other attributes, you can wear certain types of shorts into town, to the beach, and to any of your favorite outdoor activities without needing to change your outfit.

Windjammer shorts can suit you well in all of those situations and more. But what exactly are windjammer shorts, and are they right for you? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

What Are Windjammer Shorts?

In a nutshell, windjammer shorts are comfortable and versatile shorts made of quick-drying fabric. They are typically stretchy and, rather than having a zipper or button, use a flexible drawstring to secure the shorts around your waist. Thanks to their design, windjammer shorts have several attributes that make them good choices for a variety of social and outdoor occasions.


Windjammer shorts are first known for their casual looks. These aren’t overly fancy or formal articles. Instead, they are best seen as complementary clothing pieces with T-shirts, tank tops, and similar apparel.

As an example, these Micrograph Windjammer Hybrid Denim Shorts from Vintage 1946 are good enough to wear to the pool, to a movie theater, or anywhere else you might want to go. They feature a durable micrograph weave for added longevity, while the neutral blue color makes them perfect for casual social occasions or hangout spots.

All in all, windjammer shorts are meant to be used in casual social environments. You wouldn’t wear them to a wedding or a fancy restaurant, but they should suit your needs at a variety of other places.


However, windjammer shorts are also supremely comfortable. It's all because of the quick-drying, soft fabric that these shorts are made of. Most windjammer shorts are woven from 92% polyester and 8% spandex blends. This affords them a relaxed fit that suits most guys very well, especially those who divide their time roughly equally between the water and dry land in the summer sunshine.

Don’t forget the fact that the stretch waistband and drawstring guarantee all-day comfort, even if you run, jump, and swim around for hours. You should still try to find the right size of windjammer for your body type, of course. But rest assured that your shorts won’t feel overly tight around the waist, and you won’t need a belt to prevent them from falling down.


In addition to the above attributes, windjammer shorts are also highly functional and practical. The quick dry fabric is incredibly useful because it means you won’t walk around with soaked shorts all day long if you jump in the pool or swim in the ocean for a few hours. After an hour or so, your windjammer shorts will be totally dry.

The best windjammer shorts further have very functional pockets. For instance, the windjammer shorts from Vintage 1946 usually have interior mesh front pockets, which are perfect for securing basic items, plus a secure zippered rear pocket. The secure zippered rear pocket is ideal for placing your keys, wallet, or other valuables you don’t want to accidentally lose while you are in the water.

This overall functionality is to windjammer shorts’ suitability for all kinds of summer activities and adventures.

Best Places to Wear Windjammers

There are plenty of places where it might be ideal to wear windjammer as a guy.

For example, you can easily wear these Heather Stripe Windjammer Hybrid Shorts from Vintage 1946 to the beach, the pool, or anywhere else where you think you might jump in the water. They feature a masculine, neutral color aesthetic and style, plus come with many excellent elements of popular windjammer shorts, like secure zippered rear pockets and interior mesh pockets. Use these as quick-drying swim trunks and appropriate shorts for taking a stroll on the beach or visiting a casual restaurant.

However, you can also use windjammer as leg apparel when you don’t plan to get wet. For instance, you can wear windjammer shorts to the movies, to a bar with your friends after the sun goes down, or even on a walk around town.

Feel free to wear these for sports that don’t involve the water, as well. Volleyball, basketball, and even light exercises at the gym all suit the flex ability and comfort that windjammer shorts provide. The sky’s the limit!


As you can see, windjammer shorts could be just what you need to elevate your masculine wardrobe. Check out Vintage 1946’s extensive selection of quality windjammer shorts today!