What To Wear With Khaki Shorts (For Men)

They might just be one of the most ubiquitous items in any man’s wardrobe: khaki shorts. And why not? Khaki shorts are versatile, they’re comfortable, and they can match with just about any type of clothing you might want to pair with them. But if you’re not used to wearing them, you might be a little confused as to where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a brief guide on what to wear with khaki shorts for men.

Short Sleeve Button Downs

Khaki shorts tend to be best-suited for warm climates or warm seasons—and certainly both. That means you’ll generally want to pair them with light, breezy summer wear, such as short sleeve button downs. For example, consider this Short Sleeve Summer Oxford shirt. It’s light, casual, and perfectly suited to bring a complementary color to the khaki shorts you choose, which means you’ll have an ideal and appropriate outfit for a wide range of outdoor get-togethers.

You don’t need to choose this specific color to make short sleeve button downs work, either. Try all sorts of colors with short sleeve button downs, from the safe (crisp white) to the bold (unique colors such as indigo and pink).

Pairing Khaki Shorts For Cooler Weather

Let’s be honest: not every day is going to be ideal “shorts” weather. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring out the longer pants just yet. It’s perfectly fashionable to pair khaki shorts with long-sleeve tops so you can feel your best when the weather starts to get a little crisp.

For example, you’ll find plenty of people pairing sweatshirts with khaki shorts during spring and autumn. This is a great way to transition from the summer without giving up all of your favorite summer wear.

It’s also possible to pair khaki shorts with other long-sleeve items. Consider this Jacquard Stripe Henley. The color suggests themes of “light and breezy,” but offers enough texture to last you long past the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule—a rule that was made to be broken.

Feel free to try all sorts of long sleeve shirts with your khaki shorts. This can open up a new range of possibilities for your springs and summers and can even keep you wearing your favorite shorts all year long in warmer climates.

Add Some Visual Contrast to Your Outfits

It’s easy to wear khaki shorts with a solid color up top. But what if you want a little more oomph in your outfits? We recommend adding visual contrast with something like this navy Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt.

There’s no reason you can’t experiment with all sorts of tops to wear with khaki shorts. We recommend that you try to break outside your comfort zone and stretch your knowledge of what’s possible. Keep browsing Vintage 1946 for classic pieces that will bring your wardrobe to a whole new level.