What To Wear With A Denim Jacket For Men

The denim jacket is a classic in American style. But even if you want to enjoy the casual flair of a denim jacket—along with its ample comfort—are you sure what else to wear with it? If you want to put together an outfit that makes sense, follow these tips for pairing your denim jacket with the right items. Here’s what to wear with a denim jacket for men.

Something to Contrast: Stretch Twill

Most of us are familiar with pairing denim when we’re wearing it for our bottoms. But when you have denim in your jacket, you’ll generally want to think of a different sort of pants than your usual blue jeans. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with pairing denim with denim, especially if you have the fit right. But if you want to avoid the look some people call the “Canadian tuxedo,” you’ll want to try different fabrics to pair with your denim jacket.

One great option is Stretch Twill Pants. Twill offers a nice balance to an outfit featuring denim, as it has a “cooling” effect without drawing too much attention to itself. Vintage 1946 offers Stretch Twill Pants in a wide variety of colors so you can get the perfect look.

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More Color Pairing: Classic Vintage Twill

Stretch Twill is a capable, flexible fabric that’s great to go with the relaxed look of the denim jacket. But Classic Vintage Twill Pants are no slouch, either. Consider adding an item like this Classic Vintage Twill trouser in Relax Fit to your wardrobe. The interesting color pairing will provide your blue denim jacket with a nice counterpart while the smooth texture of the twill will add that contrasting element you need for a complete outfit with your denim jacket.

There are many more great Classic Vintage Twill Pants colors available at Vintage 1946!

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Wearing a Denim Jacket Every Day

If your denim jacket isn’t just a unique piece, but a vital part of your everyday wear for spring, you’ll want to make sure that you can pull it off the right way. Here are some tips for matching other items to your jacket:

  • Keep it simple. Simple colors like black or white are great for pairing with denim blue, which means that if you keep pants like that in your dresser, you’ll never wonder what to wear.
  • Match the pants to the outfit. A pair of suit pants are too formal for a denim jacket, while more casual wear like the pants you see above will fit in nicely.
  • Experiment. It’s okay to try different things with your denim jacket, even if it’s just in front of the mirror. See what works and what doesn’t and adjust your plans as necessary.

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