What To Wear In Vegas For Men

A trip to Las Vegas can be a lot of fun—plenty of shows, excitement, and maybe a little time at the Blackjack tables. But you won’t exactly cut loose and enjoy yourself if you’re worried about what you’re wearing. Is it fun enough? Is it dressy enough? Is it casual enough? These questions are no way to spend a vacation. If you want to feel and look your best, you’ll want to know what kind of outfits you should pack before you head to Las Vegas. Here’s what to wear in Vegas for men.

Shirts to Wear in Vegas

What shirts should you pack? You’ll want those shirts that are slightly dressy and slightly casual. It’s a hard balance to hit sometimes, but we have a few ideas that can help you along the way:

  • Bring a button-down. The best way to ensure you’ll have something you feel comfortable in is to pack a button-down. A button-down shirt can be something light and summery, like this Summer Oxford Short Sleeve shirt, or something with a little more contrast, such as this Stretch Canvas Shirt in British Tan with rolled up sleeves. Keep in mind that the Vegas weather will likely be far sunnier and drier than you’re used to at home, so pack accordingly.
  • Bring a casual option for walking around. You won’t always have to dress up to see a show—you could just tour casually and enjoy the sights on your own. If that’s the case, make sure you bring a T-shirt like this Negative Slub Crew Neck in Ginger. This T-shirt is a fun color that works well with the Vegas atmosphere and pairs well with anything you could want to wear for shorts or pants.

Pants & Shorts to Wear in Vegas

The same principles hold true here: you should pack something that you can wear for a night out—but also be prepared to wear something comfortable during the scorching days. We have a couple of suggestions:

  • Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts in Dijon. These fun, interior-contrasting shorts are light, comfortable, and 100% cotton. They’re the types of shorts you buy specifically for trips like your next vacation to Las Vegas, and they’ll help you put together a fun outfit that you can take anywhere in the daytime.
  • Sunny Stretch 5-Pocket Compact Twill in Nine Iron. These pants are slick enough to look like dark-dyed denim, yet comfortable enough for the hot Las Vegas nights. The 2% spandex construction ensures that they have the feel you need to wear for those long walks along the Strip. If you need something lighter for daytime sightseeing, try Dusty Silver

More Options at Vintage 1946

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only tourist in Vegas. When you put together a nice outfit, you won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Just stick to those items that are occasion-appropriate, and don’t forget to dress for the weather. For more great outfit ideas, browse the full Vintage 1946 clothing collection!