What to Wear to a Tailgate Party

A tailgate party is a common thing at sporting events. You may hang out with friends and fellow sports fans before the big game. You might be someone who may be donning the team colors or covered in paint - pledging allegiance to your team’s loyalty.

Or you might be considering a different approach. If you are not sure of what to wear to a tailgate party, this guide has you covered. We’ll go over a few suggested ideas that you can consider wearing to one if it’s your first time.

If and when you go to more of these, you’ll always know what to wear. Ready to find out more about the appropriate attire at a tailgate party? Let’s get started.

Make it Comfortable and Casual Clothing

It is important to note that a tailgate party is a casual event where a t-shirt and jeans are acceptable. However, you may need to make changes in accordance with the weather. For example, if it’s warm outside you may want to consider wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. 

Vintage 1946 has a wide variety of relaxed performance shorts that will be the perfect fit for those warm days. If you want, there is a Metal Vent Short Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt that you can wear as well. As long as you can keep it casual and comfortable - then you’re in business.

Show Your Team Spirit

At a tailgate party, it is more than OK to show your team spirit. You can wear clothes that have your favorite team’s logo and colors. You can opt for team jerseys, t-shirts, or even themed accessories.

At tailgate parties, diehard fans are creative when it comes to the attire that they wear on game day. Keep in mind that there may be a possible dress code at tailgate parties. It may not be a wise idea to wear something at these events that may seem out of place.

For example, it might not be necessary to wear a suit to a tailgate party. That is unless you get caught up in one on your way home from the office. Other than that, it may seem unusual.

Season Appropriate Wear for Tailgate Parties

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of the weather conditions when wearing something at tailgate parties. If you’re at a football game in the Southern United States, you may need to wear a t-shirt and shorts if the weather is a bit on the warm side. If you’re in the northern half in the dead of winter, it’s obvious that you’ll need to wear the recommended layering like a jacket and some extra layers underneath.

If you’re going to be at a tailgate party while it’s cooler outside, it may be a good idea to wear a hat or a scarf to ensure that you stay warm. Nonetheless, planning ahead will be your best friend. You will need to pay attention to the weather conditions - even if it’s days in advance before the big event.

This way, you will be aware of what you should be wearing when the day comes. It might not hurt to have a couple of alternative options for attire in the event of possible weather changes. The more prepared you are for gameday, the better.

You can win the tailgate party just by wearing the appropriate attire and staying ahead of what nature might throw your way.

Don’t Forget To Wear Footwear

Of course, a pair of shoes or boots will go great with your tailgate attire. This will obviously depend on the weather conditions as well. If it’s winter and snow is on the ground, go for a pair of boots. 

Likewise, a pair of shoes or even sandals will be appropriate if you are tailgating in warmer climates. Dressing accordingly doesn’t just apply to your upper and lower body. It also applies to your feet as well.

Win The Tailgate Party Game With Your Attire

Wearing appropriate attire at a tailgate party with these tips above will certainly give you the winning edge. Whether you attend with your friends or go solo, you can make sure that you can wear what is ideal based on the weather, the venue you’re going to, and so much more. 

If you want to make your gameday fit look great but want to stand out - Vintage 1946 has the options you need to ensure you’re wearing something casual and comfortable for game day. Check them out today.