What to Wear to a Basketball Game

If you recently pulled out your favorite team's jersey only to discover it doesn't fit, you're not alone. We all gain a little weight sometimes, but fortunately, there are other ways you to show your team spirit. Read on for some basketball game apparel ideas and suggestions that work whether you go to the playoffs or a local college game.

Sports Shorts & Joggers

Generally, basketball courts are pretty warm (at least if they are indoors). Odds are you’ll have to stick with standard seats for your next basketball game, so you should plan to wear shorts or breathable joggers. That way, you won’t sweat up a storm while sitting in the bleachers with your friends, pressed up against fellow sports fans all the while.

Relaxed performance shorts from Vintage 1946 are a great option. These versatile shorts are comfortable, cool, and made of a hybrid, quick-drying material. Add to that secure and zippered rear and side pockets so you can keep your wallet safe while at the basketball court or on your walk to the game.

Smart Layers

If you don't have a jersey, or if you're more of a casual fan instead of a diehard, T-shirts or flannels are great choices. Again, these won't make you sweat in the basketball court stands and they are casual enough to fit in. Plain or colored T-shirts almost always look better than graphic tees--unless you're trying to make a statement.

If you aren't sure how hot the basketball court will be, wear layers. A flannel with a T-shirt underneath is one idea. That way, you can strip down to a lower layer if you start to sweat but will still have your flannel on hand for the walk back to your car.

Court-Worthy Shoes

Whether you attend a college basketball game or a professional game, you’ll need good shoes to avoid slipping on spilled drinks. Tennis shoes are okay options, but you’ll be better off with classy oxfords, which straddle the line between semiformal and casual shoes quite well.

Whatever you do, don't wear flip-flops or any other open-toed shoes like sandals. Basketball courts can be pretty crowded, and the last thing you want is to have your toes stepped on by another basketball fan when everyone is crowding the exits at the end of a game.

Grab a Jersey at the Game

Naturally, going to a basketball game means digging through your dresser to look for your team’s jersey. If you have one, you probably wouldn't have landed on this blog looking for something to wear.

Luckily, you can usually buy a team jersey at the basketball court once you arrive. Just remember to choose complimentary colors for whatever you're wearing beneath your jersey. If you’re bringing a date with you, be sure to buy them a matching jersey so you can both enjoy the game together.

Wrap Up

All in all, you should wear comfortable, cool clothes to a basketball game. If you have any team-themed apparel, don’t forget to sport it and show your support alongside your fellow fans. Check out Vintage 1946’s online store for more comfortable shorts, T-shirts, and other apparel for sporty guys who want to look stylish and classic at the same time. Or check out our fall 2022 collection for excellent outdoor basketball game apparel.

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