What to Wear to a Baseball Game

Baseball season is in full swing, so odds are that you’re planning to attend a ball game or two in the near future. But if you want to be comfortable through all nine innings and beyond, you need to know what to wear to a baseball game so you aren't sweating in the sun or shivering in the shade.

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1. Jersey or T-Shirt

In terms of upper wear, you have a lot of options. You can, of course, show off your devotion to your team by wearing an official team jersey. Or, you can wear a T-shirt. At casual events like baseball games, everything from plain or colored T-shirts to graphic tees is fair game. Just remember that many baseball games last well into the evening, especially as the World Series kicks off and continues.

2. Little Cool Outside? Try a Sweater

Indeed, baseball games toward the end of the season can be a bit cool due to the dipping weather. If the forecast looks like it will be cooler, try wearing a sweater or long-sleeve shirt instead. Whatever you do, don't wear a thick jacket; you'll likely be uncomfortable and you may not be able to jump out of your seat to cheer your team on at a critical moment!

3. Jeans

Legwear is also pretty easy if you plan to attend a baseball game. Jeans are go-to choices for a reason; they're versatile, comfortable, and perfect for most weather forecasts you'll encounter during a ballgame.

4. Shorts When It’s Super Hot

On the other hand, maybe you’ve got some sunny seats and you don’t want to deal with your legs sweating all game long. In that case, feel free to slip on a pair of shorts instead! Baseball games are perfect occasions to wear a wide variety of shorts depending on your preferences and stylistic tastes.

For example, Vintage 1946’s snapper shorts are shorter than average but perfect for scorching summer days when you just can't get cool enough. They have elastic waistbands, functional buttons, and flies, and are available in lots of different colors.

Alternatively, you can wear our windjammer hybrid shorts. These are perfect for going to a baseball game, then hopping in the pool afterward, or vice versa. It's all thanks to their quick-drying hybrid fabric. With a 9-inch inseam, these are still above the knee but aren't overly short like snapper shorts. Vintage 1946’s Gurkha hybrid shorts are similar in that they are short enough for comfort but also flexible and designed for jumping from activity to activity in the summer sunshine.

Or you could wear our golf shorts. These also come made with a proprietary quick-drying hybrid fabric, but they feature a 10-inch inseam. That makes them a little longer than average everyday shorts. More importantly, they come with lots of accessory pockets: perfect for stowing a baseball you catch after a pop-fly that goes into the bleachers!

5. Team Baseball Cap (Sunglasses Optional)

Don’t forget to wear a baseball cap signifying your team's allegiance! Fortunately, if you don’t already have a cap, you can probably get one at the ballpark you plan to attend.

You can also add sunglasses to the list, though these may be overboard unless you have the bad luck of sitting in a sunny seat and the sun descends throughout the game, shining right in your eyes. It’s best to bring a pair of shades just in case.

6. Sneakers and Other Shoes

Sneakers are easy choices if you want to attend a ballgame without shaking up the apparel code. However, Converse shoes, athletic shoes, or any other comfortable footwear can also suffice. The key thing to remember is that baseball stadiums can be a bit slippery from spilled beverages, rain, and general debris.

To that end, don’t wear any shoes that you feel could accidentally cause you to slip down the stairs or elsewhere in the ballpark. Boots can work, but they might not be comfortable enough for the long hours required to sit through a ballgame from start to finish.

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As you can see, there are lots of great clothing choices no matter what you want to wear at a baseball game. But we heavily recommend picking up a few pairs of shorts – and a team-oriented jersey and ballcap – to enjoy yourself. Part of the fun of attending a baseball game is getting in the supportive spirit with the rest of the fans!

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