What Pants To Wear By Season

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to switch to shorts just yet. You might have a job that requires long pants as part of its dress code—or you may simply prefer a more formal look. Whatever your reason is, rest assured that there are plenty of pants that will suit your needs, no matter the weather. This simple guide will help you know what pants to wear by season.

Know Your Pants Fabrics

One of the most important factors in deciding what pants to wear is the type of fabric they are made of. This can make a big difference in how stuffy or breezy a pair of pants can feel. Most often, you’ll find one of these three materials:

  • Cotton weaves like Twill are popular “all-season” weaves with plenty of versatility in terms of both weather and versatility.
  • Wool doesn’t lose its insulative properties when wet, which makes it an ideal accompaniment for winter. However, some fine wool weaves are increasingly popular for comfortable, all-weather wear.
  • As an entire category of polymers, polyester fabrics tend to be durable and strong. There are both natural and synthetic versions.

Generally, cotton should be your go-to choice for warmer weather, while wool is better suited for winter. Polyester blends can be created specifically for all-weather function as well. For seasonal versatility, we suggest one particular weave that tends to perform well in just about any climate: Twill.

Men’s Twill Pants

The way a fabric is constructed or “woven” can have a dramatic impact on its final appearance, texture, and function. At Vintage 1946, we offer Men’s Twill Pants that showcase the versatility of cotton in all seasons.

Twill tends to be a lightweight, durable fabric that’s comfortable for wearing even during heat. Up close, you should be able to notice diagonal lines characteristic of the weave. This tends to produce a sturdy, breezy, and ultimately comfortable fabric that’s surprisingly versatile.

Want to know more? Let’s take a closer look at each type of men’s twill pants offered here:

  • Military Twill. Inspired by uniforms of the past—in which soldiers would have to wear pants that would suit them in both cool and warm climates—Military Twill is dressy, versatile, and sturdy enough to last all year.
  • Sahara Twill. You’ll find that our Sahara Twill pants are great for vacations, hot climates, or simply moving around when you think you might work up a sweat.
  • Stretch Twill. Need a little more flexibility? Stretch Twill has you covered with a more casual—but no less fashionable—option. Moving around in Stretch Twill, you’ll find there’s little to inhibit your movement, almost as if you’re wearing shorts.
  • Classic Vintage Twill. Need we say more? This is the “classic” Twill that’s perfect for casual, business, and dress outfits. Get a versatile color for all-year use or spruce up your wardrobe with a light Spring/Summer color.

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When you shop right, you can find a great pair of pants for any season. For more great vintage-inspired clothing options, shop Vintage 1946 today!