What Men Should Wear to a Barbecue

What Men Should Wear to a Barbecue

There’s nothing as fun and enjoyable as a casual backyard barbecue. Whether you’re hosting the barbecue or attending as a guest, however, you need to know what men should wear to a barbecue so you don’t look out of place.

If you aren’t sure where to start, read on. We’ll explore many different fashion ideas and tips you can use when putting together a stellar, fashionable barbecue outfit.

Layers for Comfort

Even at a summertime barbecue, it may not be a bad idea to layer up. When you wear multiple layers, you retain the option to strip away one layer if you get too hot or put on another layer if you get too cold. That’s a great kind of versatility, especially if you don’t know whether you’ll be manning the grill or not.

As an example, you can wear a long-sleeve shirt like a button-down over a plain T-shirt, like this metal vent short-sleeved crew neck from Vintage 1946. Whatever you do, remember to color coordinate. For instance, if you wear a red T-shirt, don’t wear a red outer layer as well.

Or Wear Polo Shirts/Henleys

You can also attend the next barbecue on your schedule stylishly by wearing a polo shirt. A polo shirt is a semi-casual article that should be a staple of your masculine wardrobe. A good polo shirt pairs perfectly with khakis, golfing shorts, and plenty of other articles.

If the weather is a little on the chilly side, you can wear a single shirt in the form of a Henley or other long-sleeve T-shirt. This Heathered Rib Henley from Vintage 1946 is a stylish article to wear by itself thanks to its quality design and excellent color options. It's a stretch fabric shirt, so it should feel supremely comfortable for any barbecue you choose to attend.

Wear Chinos Over Jeans

In terms of legwear, you can’t go wrong with chinos instead of jeans. Chinos are better for barbecues because they are just a little bit more interesting and elevated in terms of formality compared to jeans, even if you have very dark denim pairs ready to go.

At the same time, chinos aren't overly formal like khakis. Thus, they form the perfect blend of stylish and casual that goes very well with a backyard barbecue. They're also available in plenty of different colors, like brown, green, beige, and even navy, depending on where you purchase them. So you can pair your chinos of choice with any shirts or button-downs you have in mind.

If you can’t find the right chinos for the upcoming barbecue, you can wear twill pants instead. Twill pants are a little more formal and are best paired with a polo shirt or a nice button-down shirt. For instance, these Cotton Twill Pants from Vintage 1946 could be the perfect trousers for an after-church barbecue with your family members and people from around your community.

In any case, if you want to be maximally stylish, opt for trousers other than the standard jeans your friends and family might expect.

Shades and Shoes

Don’t forget your shades and shoes! You’ll need a good pair of sunglasses to chow down on burgers and sip beer while in the backyard of your best friend. Sunglasses will prevent you from squinting all afternoon and into the evening, plus help you enjoy the outdoors if the sun sets in your direction.

Since barbecues are pretty casual get-togethers, you don’t need fancy shoes. Instead, opt for sneakers or Converse. You can even wear sandals if the weather calls for it, especially if the host of the barbecue has a pool that you might dip into.

Light Colors

Whatever exact articles you choose to wear, be sure to pick clothes in light colors. Barbecues are far from somber occasions. In contrast, they are fun, light, and casual. So you should reflect that in your wardrobe.

Good light colors from and where it will barbecue include orange, red, green, blue, and even yellow. It all depends on the weather and your personal aesthetic. Brighter colors are best with polo shirts and T-shirts, however, while more muted colors are better for long-sleeve shirts and jackets.

Wrap Up

Overall, if you keep the above fashion tips in mind, you'll look great at the next barbecue you attend, whether it's during the summer, fall, or the next spring when winter frost finally starts to subside. Vintage 1946 can help you find the perfect articles for barbecue outfits, so check out our selection today!