What Fabrics Pair Best with Corduroy Trousers?

Corduroy trousers are one of the best additions you can have in your wardrobe. They can be both classy and formal but also laid-back and casual.

They are a type of pants made from a textile known as corduroy. It is a special fabric that is easily recognizable by its unique texture, characterized by raised parallel lines or what some people call "cords" that usually run vertically along the surface. These cords are typically made by weaving extra sets of fibers into the base fabric, and they give corduroy its ribbed appearance.

Why Do People Wear Corduroy?

Corduroy trousers are popular for their comfort, their warmth, and their rugged texture, too. They are often associated with fall and winter fashion due to their thickness and insulation. Corduroy pants come in various styles, including casual, dressier, and tailored options.

If you have a pair of corduroy trousers, you need to know what other clothing you can wear with it. That means you need to be aware of which fabrics work best with this special, one-of-a-kind clothing item. The good news is that choosing the right addition to corduroy is easy to find. The bad news is that there are also many things that don’t match with corduroy.


You can’t ever go wrong with cotton. That is because cotton is a versatile fabric that can be worn year-round with corduroy trousers and practically any other type of pants too. It’s a surefire success with any outfit. Cotton is a great choice for casual and smart-casual outfits too. You can pair corduroy trousers with a lightweight cotton shirt for a comfortable and laid-back look. For many, this is a staple of many people's closets.


Wool is another excellent choice for colder months when corduroy trousers are most popular and also most comfortable. For example, a wool sweater or a tweed jacket can create a warm and stylish combination. The stark contrast between the texture of corduroy and the warmth of wool is visually appealing too, which will make you comfortable but also stylish, too. 


Many people have matched flannel with corduroy over the years. In fact, the conventional wisdom is that one goes with the other. Flannel shirts or blazers always work well with corduroy trousers and they create a cozy and autumnal outfit that is ultimately very comfortable too. The softness and warmth of flannel complement the rugged texture of corduroy.


On paper, this might seem like a pairing that wouldn’t work. But it really does. Denim and corduroy are both rugged fabrics, and they can be paired for a casual, workwear-inspired look. A denim shirt or jacket with corduroy trousers is a stylish combination, especially in a casual setting. But it doesn’t always work right. You need to consider the fit of the clothing you’re wearing, because you don’t want the denim to be baggy and loose while the corduroy is tight, or vice versa. Everything needs to be well-fitted to remain stylish.


This is a daring choice and, honestly, it needs to be handled carefully but the truth is that leather can work quite well with your corduroy trousers. Leather jackets and boots can especially add an edgy touch when worn with your corduroy trousers. This pairing is particularly popular in a casual or rugged fashion context.


Tweed is a traditional, textured fabric that pairs well with corduroy, especially for a classic and slightly formal look. A tweed blazer with corduroy trousers is a timeless choice for fall and winter. It is definitely ideal for anyone who is attempting to relay a laid-back, comfortable, cozy vibe.


If you are looking for a more upscale and luxurious outfit, you should consider pairing your corduroy trousers with a cashmere sweater on top. The softness as well as the richness of the cashmere will contrast nicely with the corduroy's texture. 


Another great choice for your corduroy trousers is chambray, a fabric that not as many people have in their closets. Chambray shirts, crafted with a lightweight and slightly textured appearance, work well with corduroy trousers in a casual ensemble. This combination is ideal for transitional seasons because it is not too heavy and also not too light either.


When combining fabrics, you need to always consider the formality of your outfit, the season you’re wearing it in, and the occasion that you’re dressing up for too. Corduroy trousers can be dressed up or down, which makes them a very versatile addition to your wardrobe no matter the season and the location you live in.