What Colors Go with Gray Pants?

Gray is a versatile color, and odds are that you have a few gray shirts and gray pants in your wardrobe. But while pairing gray shirts with pants is easy, it can be a little tougher to know which colors go with gray pants, especially nice dress trousers. Today, let’s take a look at seven colors that go well with gray pants and explore some options for putting together a great gray wardrobe.

#1 Black

Black is a fantastic color to pair with gray pants. Together, both colors create a neutral and serious look that is perfect for semi-formal and formal occasions. For example, you can pair gray pants with a black Polo shirt. Alternatively, you can wear black and gray to smart casual settings, such as by pairing gray corduroy with a black Henley. However, try not to wear gray trousers with a black jacket or suit as it will make your outfit appear unbalanced.

#2 White

You might instead choose to pair your gray pants with a white shirt. Again, this goes well with both casual shirts, like T-shirts, and formalwear, like white button-down shirts. White and gray still work in many formal social settings while brightening up your wardrobe and look. A white shirt, like a crisp button-down or a turtleneck, can work well with light gray pants. Ultimately, it’s difficult to go wrong with this combination given its versatility.

#3 Navy Blue

Navy blue is another popular partner with gray pants of all types. Navy blue shirts and dark blue dress pants are perfect for cultivating a sophisticated, mature look, especially when you pair them with the right accessories, like a dark tie and brown dress shoes. In some situations, a blue suit jacket can also work well with gray trousers.

#4 Light Blue

To brighten up your look, wear your gray pants with a light blue shirt. Light blue and gray are ideal colors for smart casual day outfits, especially if the weather matches your style. Try these Stretch Comfort Flat Front Pants with a light blue shirt as an example. Alternatively, you can wear a light blue button-down, gray pants, and a dark-colored tie for a winter look—especially when paired with a long overcoat.

#5 Pink

Gray pants go surprisingly well with pink shirts. It’s partly because pink contrasts so dramatically with gray. For example, a pink button-down shirt with gray slacks could be a great business outfit, especially if your office is relatively relaxed about color dress codes. A pink polo shirt with gray shorts, like these Golf Shorts, might also work depending on the occasion coming up. For instance, don those articles and you’ll look ready for a day at the golf course.

#6 Dark Green

If you are looking for a darker color to pair with your gray pants, try dark green. Dark green as a shade feels both elegant and sophisticated, and dark green shirts, like button-downs or polos, pair wonderfully with gray pants—especially with a good watch and dark-colored shoes.

#7 Burgundy

Lastly, consider pairing your gray pants with burgundy shirts. Burgundy is a very rich color, so it goes well with gray pants in a variety of settings, such as casual events, after-work get-togethers, and similar situations. Just be sure to choose gray pants in a relatively warm shade of gray rather than a cooler tone. This will help your trousers complement the burgundy shade rather than work against it.

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