What are Snapper Shorts?

The warmer months are approaching fast. Which means it will be shorts weather sometime soon. Whether it’s a day at the beach or lounging around in the backyard on a warm sunny day, it’s always good to have a pair on hand.  

There is a certain type of shorts that has been making its rounds in the fashion world. In fact, they may not be anything new. They are called “snapper shorts”. 

In this guide, you’re going to learn what they are and why they might be a popular choice. Pretty soon, you might find yourself wanting a pair of these. Let’s dive right in and talk more about them. 

What exactly are snapper shorts? 

Snapper shorts feature a mechanism where you “snap on” to fasten the shorts. These are an alternative to the standard button and zipper or the tie-on fasteners. You can purchase a pair of snapper shorts to add to your summer wardrobe with a pair of Vintage 1946’s Stretch Snapper shorts of any color.  

Because of how easy it is to fasten these shorts, they have grown in popularity. The convenience and time it takes to put these on is quicker than your standard button and zipper. Nevertheless, there are plenty of different snapper shorts that will allow for a customizable fit - making it a good option for those with a range of different body types.  

It offers style and versatility 

One of the best attributes that snapper shorts have is style and versatility. You will notice that these shorts are quite stylish and blend towards a fashion-forward aesthetic. This means you can wear these for plenty of occasions like a day at the beach, going to a music festival with friends, or just a casual but lazy day at home.  

Snapper shorts can be adjusted accordingly based on different lengths and styles. This means you can change it up to where it can look like a casual fit in the daytime. At night, you can turn it into something more polished. Whatever the occasion, a pair of Vintage 1946’s Stretch Snapper 7” could fit well as part of your ensemble. 

The snap mechanism not only serves a functional purpose, but it does give it that edgy vibe. It would make sense to add a pair of snapper shorts to your summer wardrobe (assuming you don’t have a pair). With summer just around the corner, it might be a great time to consider preparing to plan what you’ll want to wear for various occasions like beach days or a day out with friends. 

What fabric or designs do snapper shorts have? 

Snapper shorts come in all kinds of different fabrics and designs. These include but are not limited to lightweight cotton or even shorts made from more structured materials like khaki. Like any pair of shorts on the market, snapper shorts can be available in all kinds of different prints, patterns, and colors. Some may even include special embellishments including patches, custom embroidery, and other details that can enhance the appeal.  

When choosing snapper shorts, choosing a fabric may be something to consider. If you want something that will be a bit on the dressy but casual side, it would be a good idea to purchase a pair with more structured material. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more relaxed look then choose a pair made from lightweight cotton materials. 

Having two different pairs of snapper shorts might work out in your favor. You can choose one for the dressy ensemble that can go with a lightweight button down. Another can be made from lighter fabric that can be worn along with a t-shirt (or without one if you’re trying to get a tan). This way, whatever the summer might bring, you’ll always have a pair of snapper shorts that you can put to good use to look your best. 

Final Thoughts 

Snapper shorts might be one of the can’t miss fashion items to have this summer. You may want to purchase a pair or two that you know will make you feel comfortable. If you want to add more to your summer collection, Vintage 1946 has a wide variety of different shorts that you can wear. They are available in different styles and fabrics and can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Want to see what we’ve got? Visit Vintage 1946 today and check out which shorts will be the best fit for you.