The Key to Wearing Very Bright Trousers

Think you can’t wear bright pants in your favorite color? Think again! In fact, guys who are bold enough to wear bright trousers get extra attention personally and professionally. After all, they’ve just shown that they’re confident enough to stand out when most folks strive to fit in. That said, you need to know how to properly put on and wear some very bright trousers in a way that makes you look your best without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. Let’s take a look at how you can do just that.

Focus on Neutrals as Your Base

First and foremost, always wear neutral colors as your base. Neutral colors include white, gray, black, navy blue, and certain shades of brown. Why are neutrals important? Put simply, neutral colors work and flow together with ease—giving you an easier time when it comes to pairing bright pants with a shirt, blazer, or any other piece of clothing for that matter. For instance, a white shirt is much easier to pair with a brightly colored pair of trousers than a vibrant orange T-shirt is. This isn’t to say you can’t combine bright colors, but it’s more difficult and a little riskier if you don’t have any experience wearing one shade or another.

Choose the Right Colors for You

Of course, you’ll also want to pick the exact right colors for you and your skin tone. Every guy is different; that means every man has to find the exact right bright shades for his tailored trousers. The only way to figure out the perfect colors for you is to experiment. Pick up some brightly colored pants and wear them with neutral-colored shirts and shoes. That way, you can see how those clothes look in natural light.

Generally, however, remember that light and bright colors can make you look washed out or ghostly if you have pale skin. The reverse is true if you have dark skin! In fact, guys with darker skin can oftentimes get away with brighter colors in general.

When Pairing, Consider Color Tones and Layers

“Tonal” colors are variations of the same basic shade. For example, navy blue is a tonal variation of blue. When choosing the color of your very bright trousers, consider wearing trousers that are a tonal variation of the shirt you plan to wear. For instance, a navy blue shirt might go very well with bright blue pants, such as Vintage 1946’s classic and relaxed twill pants.

Tonal combinations aren't always ideal, of course. But it's a good "safe bet" color combination to rely on if you aren't sure whether two shades go well together or if you want to wear a particular color of pants and don't want to risk looking less than stellar.

Don’t Forget to Contrast

That all said, contrasting colors are also quite effective and visually interesting. So you might consider choosing the color of your trousers based on how they will contrast your shirt or vice versa.

You can look at online color wheels to see which colors naturally contrast with each other. For instance, blue usually contrasts with yellow, and red usually contrasts with green. Combining a red shirt with these green classic twill pants from Vintage 1946 could be a great idea!


However, make sure to contrast your colors smartly and strategically. Colors that contrast too much can make you look a little cartoony or comical, or they may only be appropriate in certain seasons (for instance, wearing red pants, like these red stretch twill trousers, with a green shirt will make you look like you are ready for Christmas, even in the summer).

Consider Seasonal Shades

Lastly, you can wear very bright trousers and get the best bang for your fashion buck by choosing the shades of those trousers based on the season. The fall, for example, fall oftentimes evokes colors such as brown, orange, red, and yellow. It might be a great time to bust out your favorite yellow trousers when the leaves start changing, like these classic vintage twill pants from Vintage 1946.

Alternatively, pastel shades like yellow, pink, and light blue become more popular in the spring. Wearing pants in these or related colors could get you into the springtime spirit and match well with the shirts you feel like donning in the warming weather.

Get the Look at Vintage 1946

As you can see, wearing bright trousers is a matter of considering color combinations and choosing the perfect shades for your skin tone. Once you do that, your trousers will look great on you no matter what color they happen to be. If you’re ready to get the look, check out Vintage 1946’s selection of colorful trousers today!

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