Sick Of Denim? Here’s What To Wear Other Than Jeans

We all like jeans. We wear them nearly every day—sometimes, even to work. Even Steve Jobs made a uniform out of his turtleneck and denim. A good pair of jeans is and will always be a staple of the classic American wardrobe. But sometimes you’re just sick of wearing them. With the New Year just passed, it’s time to think about the updates you want to make to your wardrobe. And that means expanding beyond the appeal of denim to upgrade your look. What to wear other than jeans? We have a few ideas. 

Stretch Corduroy

New to corduroy? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. But a lot of men find themselves surprised at how comfortable, flexible, and stylish these pants look. They provide an interesting balance of texture when paired with a woven shirt, with plenty of familiar cotton comfort along the way.                                 

If you don’t want to venture too far off the beaten denim path, a blue pair of corduroy pants like our Stretch Corduroy in Marine will match all your old looks closely. Even so, it will represent an obvious sartorial change from your usual denim, giving you the “what to wear other than jeans” alternative you need to vary up your style.

Classic Vintage Twill Pants 


Let’s stick to the world of cotton here, but go for a pair of pants that will look familiar to some—Vintage Twill. These pants are essentially the classic “chino” that many men use as an alternative to denim, and for good reason. You can pair a navy pair of vintage twill pants with anything else you’d wear with jeans—but there are plenty of other color options here, including pastel colors like Sky. It’s a great way to open up your wardrobe and show off the fact that you can do more with an outfit than the same old jean-and-shirt combination.

Military Twill Pants 


If you want a rugged, casual look that you can still dress up, opt for Military Twill pants. Military twill is close to Vintage Twill, but you’ll notice that the inspiration from classic uniforms is obvious in the design. It gives these pants a slightly-dressy but versatile style with minimal frills—kind of like what you might expect out of a pair of military slacks.

Since you’re looking for an alternative to casual denim, these pants are a great way to stay true to your casual style. They’re not overtly dressy—in fact, you’ll find they can even pair with a T-shirt. Try Military Twill in British Tan, for example. With the casual texture and the warm color, you’ll find it fills the same role as your denim.

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