Watches, Beads, & More – The Best Summer Fashion Accessories

Summer fashion is about more than shorts and comfortable shirts. In many ways, it’s about the fashion accessories you add to your ensemble to maximize your style and evoke a specific aesthetic. Lots of guys have fun fashion accessories, but they might not know what items they should wear on a given day.

That’s what this guide is for! Read on to discover some of the best fashion accessories to add to your summer wardrobe ASAP.

The Right Watch

Naturally, a stylish watch is a solid addition to practically any outfit in your repertoire. But in the summer, you should usually stay away from watches with metallic bands.

Instead, lighter watches, like canvas strap watches, are perfect choices. Canvas strap watches are ideal for outdoor adventuring and summer fun in the sun, but they're also light enough that they won't make your wrist sweat too much. These durable and fashionable accessories are the perfect add-ons to any outfit you plan to wear.

Summer-Ready Hat

Every guy needs a stellar hat to shade his eyes and his neck from the sun. Whether you enjoy ballcaps, wide-brimmed hats, or cowboy hats, be sure to have a few different hats in your closet so you can don them when it's appropriate.

Hats aren't just good for fashion; they also help you see better in the bright summer sunlight and will protect your skin from excessive UV exposure. In some cases, hats can complete an outfit that has you wear very few articles otherwise. Consider pairing a baseball cap with a basic pair of shorts and a T-shirt, for example.

Adventuring Backpack

Planning on taking some hikes or enjoying other outdoor adventures this summer? You’ll need a sturdy backpack to carry your water bottle, energy bar, and other kit essentials.

A good backpack should be made of canvas or other durable fabric. It should also have enough pockets and space for everything you plan to take with you. Choose a backpack based on comfort and function above all else, then consider color coordination with your other summer articles. Pair it with one of Vintage 1946’s quarter zips and you’ll be ready for any outdoor excitement.

Wrist Beads

Wrist beads are some of the best summer jewelry for guys. They’re masculine, stylish, and fun to add to your outfit if you feel like it needs a little something more. Most wrist beads come in dark colors like brown, black, or gray, but you can also find wrist bead bands made of shoreline pebbles, gemstones, and more. Go with whatever feels comfortable for you based on the kind of jewelry you already like to wear!

Surfer’s Necklace

In keeping with the above, adding a surfer’s necklace to your ensemble could be just the ticket, particularly if you do engage in surfing or spend a lot of time on the beach. Surfer necklaces have shark teeth, stones, and other pendants at the end of their strings, which are usually made of black cord or rope. Consider wearing something like this with a low-cut tank top and swim trunks.

Knitted Ties

Knitted ties can complete your summer outfit if you need to attend a more formal social occasion. Add a knitted tie in a light color like blue, beige, or white to a seersucker suit to elevate your entire ensemble and make you feel ready for a summer wedding or other get-together.

Light Belts

Last but not least are belts. Odds are at least some of the shorts and trousers in your summer wardrobe will need a few belts to keep them at the appropriate height. Stay away from dark leather belts in the summer season. Instead, opt for light-colored belts made of fabric or canvas.

These are great companions to shorts, seersucker pants, boat shoes, and a variety of other summer apparel options you might enjoy. Plus, many fabric and canvas light-colored belts come in patterns, which can add a bit of fun and pizzazz to your aesthetic. This Italian Cotton Stretch Casual Belt from Vintage 1946 is a perfect example of the kind of summer belt you should add to your outfit.

Wrap Up

In the end, there are unlimited different summer fashion accessories you can pursue. Think about what speaks to you and what works for your personal aesthetic and sense of style; then, add those items to your wardrobe and wear them frequently!

Just remember to start your outfit with the right summer-ready apparel. Vintage 1946 has the go-to menswear picks for summer and beyond. Check out our selection today!