Wardrobe Essentials for Fall Weather

Blustery, chilly fall weather is incoming around the country, so it’s high time to take stock of your wardrobe and figure out what articles you need to buy before things get too cold. If you’re not sure what wardrobe essentials for fall whether you need to purchase, read on. We’ll explore some of the most important fall articles for men one by one.


Hoodies are menswear staples throughout autumn. They’re comfortable and casual, and they come with attached hoods so you can keep your head and ears warm even while walking around at night or on a cooler fall day.

Fortunately, there’s probably a hoodie or two for you no matter what your favorite colors are or what your style preferences might be. Take this Double Knit Slub Hoodie from Vintage 1946 – it’s available in a handful of masculine colors, and it’s available in several sizes with double chest pockets and functional drawstrings for added practicality. What’s not to like?


Flannels are popular menswear items for fall, and for good reason. They're available in many colors, are thick enough to provide good insulation and warmth, and are comfortable when engaging in outdoor activities or lounging on the couch to watch the game.

Be sure to pick up a few flannels for your fall wardrobe if you haven't already. The right flannels will be light enough that you can comfortably wear them with T-shirts, but also thick enough that you feel comfortable when heading outdoors without an extra jacket.

It might be wise to combine a few of your favorite flannels with tough jackets, however. Sooner or later, the fall will bring colder temperatures, and you’ll want an easy to slip on layer to combine with your flannels.

For example, this Full-Zip Puffer Jacket is a perfect partner for a flannel and T-shirt – it's layered, which is always advantageous for fall, but it's also warm and thick enough to protect you against inclement weather and cold temperatures without needing anything aside from a cap and thin gloves.

Tough Trousers

Every guy needs a few sets of tough trousers come fall. Why? Many of the best outdoor activities are best enjoyed in the autumn months, so you’ll want some durable trousers that can take a beating to accompany you.

These can be thick jeans, tough chinos or khakis, or cargo pants depending on your preferences. Cargo pants are particularly good if you are something of an outdoorsman or are planning on doing a lot of camping this fall, alongside hiking and other outdoor excursions. Durable denim pants can also be appropriate if you want something more suitable for indoor activities.

Fall-Ready Athletic Articles

Don’t forget athletic articles. Lots of guys love to exercise outdoors in the fall since the cool temperatures ensure that you won't overheat or become excessively sweaty the same way you often feel in the summer.

Hoodies, quarter zips, and long-sleeve shirts are perfect upperwear athletic fall items for guys. In terms of legwear, sweaters or joggers are your best friends. These will provide your legs with enough insulation so that you don't freeze, all while wicking away sweat and moisture and ensuring that your legs stay reasonably dry, even if you sweat up a storm or run for several miles.

Weather-Resistant Boots

Don't forget footwear! When it comes to fall essentials, you'll want tough, weather-resistant boots. Thick boots are perfect for guys putting together autumn wardrobes because:

  • They can be worn outdoors no matter what the weather throws at you
  • They are perfect hiking and camping companions
  • They are also suitable in the city or in civilized society thanks to practical style trends, which are popular among many guys these days

True, you can’t wear boots into the office in most cases, but you can wear them practically anywhere else throughout fall. You’ll rest assured that your socks won’t get soaked by early snow or wet puddles as you cross the street, and your feet will stay warm and snug all day long.

Wrap Up

In the end, all of these articles will help you put together a comprehensive, comfortable, and practical masculine wardrobe that's suitable for any environment or get-together with your friends. So long as you have these wardrobe essentials, you’ll be ready to tackle outdoor adventures, go on dates, or visit friends and family members during the holiday season without needing to purchase any emergency items.

Still need to get started on your shopping spree, though? Vintage 1946 can help. Check out our wide range of menswear items today!