Vintage Summer Fashion Looks For Men

Spring may already be upon us, but seasons move quickly and summer is right around the corner. How’s your wardrobe looking? Are you ready? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Check out these vintage summer fashion looks from Vintage 1946!

Classic Vintage Twill 9” Shorts

If you want a little more length for the remainder of spring or early summer, we suggest going for the 9” shorts. Our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts will fit the bill, giving you the wiggle room to handle those breezier days. It’s easy to dress up a pair of shorts with a long-sleeve shirt. The only question is: how do you want it to look? That’s where the massive shorts color variety here at Vintage 1946 comes in handy. Here are a few color options for our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts that will boost your summer look in a hurry:

  • Garnet. This deep red hue works well in summer and goes strongly with muted colors like light blue and white in your shirts—did someone say 4th of July barbecue?
  • Charleston Brick. This might be your go-to summer color because it’s light, it’s fun, and it’s the kind of color that makes you excited to enjoy the outdoors again.
  • Lime. Lime is a light shade of green, and since green is so often associated with lush summer foliage, there may be no color more appropriate for the season.
  • Sky. The best part about getting outdoors for the summer? Enjoying a little bit of sky! That’s why these sky-colored shorts will do so much to liven up your outfits.

Which one should you choose? There’s no reason you have to limit it to any color in particular!

Vintage Twill Pants

Notice a theme here? Vintage Twill is a 100% cotton weave pattern that’s perfect for keeping you cool. If you want to stick to pants—especially when you’re headed somewhere with air conditioning—then you can do that with the same lightness that comes with our shorts.

Although any of the colors listed above would do just as well with pants as they would on shorts, we have a few more color recommendations you might want to peruse for more formal occasions:

  • Sage. This light pastel is spring/summer ready, but it will do just as well in the other seasons thanks to the muted, organic undertones.
  • Slate. Slate is a great alternative to Navy, giving you that versatile blue hue but without as stark a contrast with whites and other solid colors.

More Great Options At Vintage 1946

Any one or two purchases here will give your wardrobe an instant summer boost in a hurry. But want more vintage summer fashion clothing items that will suit your style? Then it’s time to visit all the collections here at Vintage 1946.