Vintage Men’s Trousers: Enhance Your Wardrobe

If you could pick just one pair of pants to upgrade your wardrobe, would you do it? It might sound like a stretch at first. But changing the way your outfits look based on one pair of pants is definitely possible. Choose from our selection of vintage men’s trousers to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Vintage Pants Add a New Texture to Your Outfits

Take a look at the pants you already own. Chances are, you own two essential types of pants:

  • Denim: Or, to put it more simply, jeans. Jeans are a versatile and ubiquitous choice for any modern man, so there’s no harm in keeping these handy.
  • Khakis / Chinos: A “dressier” type of pant that is usually made from cotton and pairs well with sweaters and even suit jackets or blazers.

The problem? That’s usually where the tale ends. Most men don’t take the time to consider what else might be out there. And there’s plenty out there to consider, including:

  • Corduroy. This thick, “corded” style of fabric weaving is comfortable and durable, which makes it ideal for cooler days and casual get-togethers. It can even be worn in a business casual environment.
  • Twill pants. We offer Military Twill, Classic Vintage Twill, and Stretch Twill. Most people won’t pick up on the difference in style of Twill pants and other chino types, but you’ll be able to tell the difference in how you feel—which is even more important than how you look.

While it’s worth trying new types of pants, that still doesn’t solve the central problem here: choosing one pair of men’s vintage trousers that can overhaul your wardrobe overnight. Which do you pick?

Choosing The Right Vintage Men’s Trousers

It all starts with what’s already in your wardrobe. Go ahead, peek inside your closet and see what you already have in there. Choosing a pair of vintage trousers that can update your wardrobe overnight means filling a need. But you shouldn’t pick a pair of pants just because you don’t already own the pair. You should also consider matching those pants to the items present in your wardrobe. If you’re heavy on the corduroy but don’t have any twill to speak of, then you know which way you should lean.

If you have plenty of “work shirts,” such as button downs, but only denim to speak of, then you’ll want a pant that you can wear as “business casual.” If you have plenty of casual shirts but need something a little dressier, a Classic Twill Khaki can offer a lot of versatility. If you see nothing but a random assortment of tops and trousers, you may want a classic, versatile piece like this Military Twill in British Tan to “anchor” your wardrobe.

Complimentary Hemming With Great Vintage Trouser Styles

Whatever your choice may be, we’re confident that you can change the way your outfits look with just one purchase of vintage trousers. Just pick the right pair for you, use our complimentary hemming to ensure the proper fit, and enjoy a more versatile wardrobe.