Vintage Clothing Gift Guide: Five Great Ideas

It’s the season of giving, which means you aren’t thinking so much about what you want to get as what you’re going to gift others. Okay, maybe you’re thinking a little bit about what you’re going to get. But that doesn’t mean you can do without some great gift ideas, especially if you’re shopping for someone who’s notoriously picky. Here is a vintage clothing gift guide for the gift of men’s clothing this holiday season—or any time of the year.

The Classic Sweater 

There’s a reason sweaters are such classic gifts this time of year: they work. But you don’t have to buy a stuffy, scratchy sweater that the recipient will never bother wearing, either. You can browse the sweaters here at Vintage to find a precise match of style and color—but you’ll find they all universally share the same properties of warmth and vintage style that makes them timeless.

A Great Pair of Pants   


There’s nothing that beats a great pair of pants when it comes to building up a whole new wardrobe. Giving that gift to someone else can be a great thing—so long as you know where to find a great pair of pants. That’s why we recommend Stretch Twill Pants to so many of our customers. These comfortable cotton pants make a great alternative to the standard denim look while offering a little bit of “dressy” attitude along the way.

Stretch Corduroy

If there’s any type of pants that deserve to be as popular as denim, it’s corduroy. Our Stretch Corduroy takes it a step above the usual fare, however. With a little bit of elastane mixed in, these corduroy pants won’t feel stiff and restrictive. Au contraire. They’ll feel a bit more like comfortable, casual pants. That means that the person receiving these as a gift is much more likely to actually wear their corduroy beyond the holiday season.


There’s never a better time to buy shorts, especially when you see the massive sales that come from buying them out of season. Granted, it may be an odd gift in the particularly cold climates—but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy these shorts for future gifts, either. Not only is now the best time to find high-quality shorts at drastic discounts—which helps you stretch your gifting dollar—but they can be a fun gift for anyone who enjoys the holidays with warmer weather.

Comfortable Knits 


Finally, there’s nothing quite so effective as the gift of comfort. Any vintage clothing gift guide is incomplete if it doesn’t include clothes built around feeling good. And that can be found in abundance with our cozy knits. These knits aren’t just stylish, but they make for fantastic layering that lasts beyond winter into the cool months of spring and autumn. They’re even light enough for occasional summer wear.

Find More Great Pieces At Vintage 1946

No matter what you choose, following a vintage clothing gift guide ensures the selection of classic American pieces. The pieces and collections like those you can find here at the Vintage 1946 shop are a great way to buy a present that will last for years.