Versatile Pants For Men – 3 Options From Vintage 1946

Before going outside, how many times have you asked yourself: “are these pants okay in this weather?” It can make getting ready for the day a bit monotonous. But there’s no reason you have to prioritize function over style. With versatile pants options in your dresser, you can wear just about anything you want no matter what you're doing. Here are recommendations from Vintage 1946!

Stretch Twill Pants

It starts with a classic that’s every bit as versatile as it is practical. That’s a fancy way of saying pants like these Sunny Stretch Compact Twill pants will suit you on just about any day—and for any reason.

Why are they called “stretch” twill? Because they feature a subtle infusion of spandex to go with the compact cotton, giving you more flexibility. That’s another reason these pants are so versatile and practical in multiple types of weather. You can wear them on sunny days that call for a little bit of athleticism—or you can wear them indoors and enjoy how comfortable they feel when you’re lounging on the couch. There’s no really no wrong way to wear these pants.

Stretch Corduroy Pants

Corduroy has a reputation as being an autumn-friendly fabric, but there’s a reason for that: autumn brings lots of different weather. It can bring cool, crisp air, or it can bring crummy weather. Your Stretch Corduroy pants in Mahogany can be with you every step of the way, giving you a little more substance to handle your “all-weather” needs in the cooler months.

Is this a summer pant? If you live in a warm area, probably not. But to create an all-weather wardrobe, Stretch Corduroy can be a versatile investment that carries you through the cooler seasons without ever sacrificing your sartorial prowess. Stretch Corduroy pants will bring an entirely new dimension to your wardrobe that goes above and beyond the usual khakis and jeans, giving you an entirely new texture to play with.

Classic Vintage Twill Pants

If you want a pair of versatile pants that can handle just about anything, it’s Classic Vintage Twill. These pants come in a bright and vivid range of colors, giving you the option to pick up more than one if you want to wear them across different seasons.

But what about the fabric? 100% cotton. That makes them light, airy, but still substantial enough to let you know that you’re wearing a quality pair of pants. Try a new color, like Classic Vintage Twill in Sage, to step out of your usual “versatile” options and into a whole new fashion category.

More From Vintage 1946

With the right selections, you’ll have no trouble putting together outfits in any weather. But if you want to keep looking, we recommend you browse all the collections here at Vintage 1946 for the pants that best suit you.