How To Create A Versatile Men’s Wardrobe

When most people think of the word “versatility” in terms of fashion, they think about location. Will an outfit look good at this place? What about somewhere else? What many people forget about is versatility in the question of time. Is an outfit truly versatile if it only suits you during the warm summer months? What happens to it once autumn rolls around? Here are a few great clothing recommendations to help you create a versatile men’s wardrobe that’s great for all seasons and occasions.

Stretch Twill Pants

Twill is a light cotton weave that’s breathable and ideal for spring and summer. But our Stretch Twill Pants aren’t exactly shorts, either. Although there are plenty of pastel colors suited especially for spring and summer, you’ll also find year-round versatile colors like Loden and the always-appropriate Khaki. That makes them a great part of any versatile men’s wardrobe.

In summer, you can pair these pants with a polo or a button down to keep things light. In the winter, you can layer up with a sweater over a button down. In autumn, a simple sweatshirt will suffice, and in spring—a light jacket. Stretch Twill pants might be light and summery, but even those who live in a colder climate will find them perfectly adaptable to the cooler months.

Woven Shirts

With woven shirts, you’ll also be able to practice an essential wardrobe skill that helps you squeeze more value out of the clothes you already own: layering. A well-layered outfit will help insulate you during the cooler months without looking any less occasion-appropriate.With the rolled-up sleeves of our Woven Shirts, you can enjoy a hot summer day with a smart and casual look. Come fall, you can pair these with Corduroy pants to stay warm—yet no less stylish. Add another layer for a cold winter and you begin to see just how versatile these woven shirts can be.

Tips for Better Layering

Want to know how to do it? Here are our favorite tips for effective year-round layering:

  • Start With A Great Shirt. A good button-down shirt, like a woven shirt above, is a great base to work with. Over that, you can wear a sweatshirt (casual), a sweater (smart), or even a blazer (dressy) to change how your outfit looks.
  • Ground your outfit with matching accessories. The most obvious is a pair of shoes that match your belt. But other accessories, such as a wristwatch, can do a lot to bring outfits together as well.
  • Don’t clash. Contrast. Contrasting a bright white collar with a bolder sweater, for example, will help the sweater to pop. Going with plaid under a Fair Isle sweater is a different thing entirely.

Shop Vintage 1946

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