Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Unique Men's Shorts

Chances are, you don’t need new shorts to change your wardrobe. You already have them. But what if you want an entirely new look for the warmer months—one that you don’t already have available in your dresser? Here are some great unique men’s shorts to freshen up your look.

Try New Colors

The most obvious way to update your wardrobe isn’t necessarily to change what you wear—but to change how it looks. That means trying out new colors. Admit it: you rely far too much on those tried-and-true colors that you’ll find in any man’s wardrobe: navy, white, khaki. And while those color options are fantastic when it comes to versatility, we’re talking about a wardrobe update here. It means trying something new.

Here are some unique men’s shorts in a few of our favorite colors:

  • Charleston Brick. These 8.5” Charleston Brick Shorts feature a light-yet-versatile color that’s ideal for both spring and summer, yet not out of season even as autumn rolls around.
  • Lime. This isn’t a color everyone is used to seeing every day—at least not on a pair of shorts. These shorts work because they’re bright and fun, but they’re also just as suited to dressing up with a button down shirt as any other pair of shorts in your dresser.
  • Dijon. These shorts work great if you want a subtle color that still breaks the mold. It’s close enough to a classic khaki look that it won’t make a bright splash like lime, which is great for those who want to stick to a more conservative way of dressing while still shaking things up.

Try New Patterns

New colors aren’t the only way to liven up your wardrobe. A new pattern can do the trick just as well. Consider how different your outfits might look if you add a bright splash like Authentic Madras.

Although it can be difficult to see how new patterns might impact a wardrobe that already has all sorts of personal favorites ready to be worn, try to find the places where these patterns will most fit. For example, if you own solid shirts, the simplicity of those shirts will contrast well with a unique pattern like madras.

Try New Shorts Styles

You don’t have to worry about colors and patterns to try something new. Maybe you simply want to try a new style of shorts—a new fabric type, cut, etc.

Take our Stretch Poplin Shorts for example. These shorts can fit snugly into just about any wardrobe out there without clashing. The shorts themselves will give you something new to wear that establishes subtle contrast from your usual choices without completely overhauling your style.

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