Top Winter Colors for Men’s Fashion

For the style-minded gentleman, the ideal colors to have available in a wardrobe change from season to season. Shades that offer the perfect look during the summer can quickly look out of place in winter, but keeping up with the changing seasons is not as hard as it seems. By properly building your wardrobe with a variety of great colors for every time of year, you’ll always be ready to put together a sharp outfit.

In this article, we’d like to offer some color advice for dressing in the winter. V1946 has a great collection of quality garments for winter, such as the Stretch Henley and our Blue Ridge Joggers. When preparing your winter wardrobe, V1946 has you covered.

Here are some tips to help you use winter colors in your wardrobe.

Turn to Browns

While it might feel a little boring at first, there really is no color that speaks to the season quite like brown. There is just something about shades of brown that fit right in with the changing weather, the approaching holidays, and more. Where the bright, vibrant tones in your wardrobe were ideal for long, warm summer days, transitioning to brown shades is a logical move for fall and winter months.

Fortunately, dressing in shades of brown does not have to mean your wardrobe is in any way drab or sleepy. In fact, the right brown can make a statement of its own, as is the case with some of the options available here at V1946. For an example, let’s look at our 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy in British Tan. In addition to the subtle, appealing tone of the tan color, they also offer texture thanks to the corduroy fabric. And, if their great look weren’t enough, there is also the comfort that comes from a cotton and spandex blend. These pants would make a versatile, useful addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Find the Right Colors

When thinking of colors, you might visualize spring pastels and other bright colors, but winter fashion can include color of its own. Shades of red or black still fit with the colder months, and our our Microfleece Full Zip Shirt Jacket comes in bold red plaid or black plaid. You can add a touch of color to your wardrobe to stay warm and stylish.

The light weight of the shirt jacket makes it comfortable, yet it is a helpful layer when trying to stay warm on a cool morning or evening. It also includes full zip design to help you dial in your comfort just right. If you have not yet experienced what a shirt jacket can bring to your wardrobe, give this item a try today.

Winter Outerwear Options

Let’s touch on two other garments available at V1946 that are worth your consideration.

  • Quilted Quarter Zip in Dark Olive Heather. Olive is a great color for winter, as it breaks away from some of the other commonly-used shades, yet it still has the right feel for a cooler, quieter time of year. And, the blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester makes this a comfortable pullover that will be appropriate in many settings.
  • French Terry Hoodie in Grey. As far as we are concerned, grey doesn’t go out of style at any point during the year. This color will look just as good in the winter as it does at any other time, and it offers the flexibility of going with nearly everything in your closet. A comfortable, durable hoodie is a winter staple that should always be close at hand, and you are sure to love this one.

Create Your Own Winter Look

Learning about the colors that dominate the winter fashion scene is a great way to build a foundation for your wardrobe, but you’ll also want to include plenty of personality in the way you dress. Use the ideas included in this article, along with your own input and personal taste to create a closet that is ready for every winter occasion. Thank you for visiting V1946 and we hope you find quality clothes that suit you.