Top Summer Shorts to Wear to the Beach

Beach adventures, surfing, and volleyball games are some of the best parts of summer. But before you head out with your friends, you need to make sure you have the right clothing to enjoy yourself and provide good protection against the elements.

On the bright side, guys have lots of top summer shorts they can wear to the beach. With lots of different options and shorts types, you might not know where to start. Let’s dive deep into the different summer shorts to wear to the beach for men.

Windjammer Shorts

Windjammer shorts are casual stretchy shorts with a drawstring. Not only are they good for aquatic activities, but they are also very suitable for any outdoor events, like hiking, sports, and much more.

Windjammer shorts are so comfortable because they have a relaxed fit and stretchy waistbands. Perhaps more importantly, they are made with a quick dry fabric, so even if you soak them, they won’t take all day to dry off. Many windjammer shorts have several front and rear pockets so you can keep your wallet, keys, and other valuables secure as you enjoy your summer activities.

A good example of windjammer shorts is the set of tropical print windjammer hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946. Not only do these shorts have a fun tropical print, but they also feature a very elastic waist and a durable 92% polyester, 8% spandex blend.

Sport Sports

Sport shorts are also great summer shorts for men. As their name suggests, they are perfect for sports activities in and out of the water. They are made with a stretchy and quick-drying fabric, and are designed for interior compression, keeping you comfortable and flexible throughout the day. They are a little shorter than average, but that just means your legs have more range of motion, enabling you to jump, run, and swim much more effectively.

Vintage 1946’s micrograph sport shorts showcase this short type’s value. These light gray shorts are made of a hybrid material appropriate for land and sea alike, and they feature a 7 ½ inch inseam for extra flexibility.

Snapper Shorts

Snapper shorts, also called stretch snappers, are short, comfortable shorts that usually go down to 5 inches or so. While they might be a little shorter than you’re used to, don’t discount how cool they can keep your legs and how comfortable they can make long hikes or swims feel. Snapper shorts are often available in a wide variety of bright colors, like neon blue, bright orange, and bright yellow.

Vintage 1946’s blueberry stretch snappers are just one example of this shorts type. They have a functional button and zip fly, a back flap pocket, and a relaxed fit, maximizing comfort and overall flex ability whenever you wear them.

Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

Then there are Gurkha hybrid shorts. Put simply, Gurkha shorts are made of hybrid materials that dry quickly and allow plenty of stretching. Therefore, they are ideal for lots of aquatic activities like fishing, surfing, and boating.

Simultaneously, Gurkha hybrid shorts are functional and stylish. They look great and feature rear zip pockets that keep your valuables secure. The 9-inch inseams of these shorts prevent them from feeling too short or too long. They're good "one-size-fits-all" summer shorts to wear if you don't know what else to wear.

These Gurkha hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946 are great examples. They’re available in several styles, have interior mesh pocketing, and are made with durable micrograph weaves for added longevity and durability.

Swim Trunks

Don’t forget swim trunks! Classic swim trunks are usually made of polyester and spandex blends, though some might be made of cotton or nylon blends instead. Regardless, swim trunks are exclusively meant for jumping in the pool or the ocean and spending most of your time there. They aren’t very comfortable when worn dry, unless you wear underwear underneath them, so these specialty shorts are only appropriate if you know you’ll be in the water more often than not.


Ultimately, you should choose summer shorts for your beach adventures based on price, aesthetics, and function. For example, sport shorts might be better if you know you’ll be alternating your time between swimming and volleyball games. On the other hand, snapper shorts could be ideal for occasional dips into the pool while hanging out on land the rest of the time.

No matter what summer shorts you want, Vintage 1946’s extensive shorts collection has what you need. Check it out today!