Top Shirt Trends Of 2018 For Men

“Men’s fashion never changes.” Whoever said that hasn’t been paying attention. Although there’s much to be said for a classic, vintage wardrobe, it’s also important for men to stay up on the latest fashion trends if they want to make a good impression. And for men, the area that seems to change the most is shirts and tops. Let’s take a look at the top shirt trends of 2018 for men!

Trend #1: Plaids & Patterns

It never fails: a well-fitting patterned shirt that brings a pop of color to your outfit never seems to go out of style. In 2018, that’s just as true as it ever was. It’s stylish and on-trend to don plaids and patterns like this Touch Finish in Vintage Twill. Plus, these shirts work great as featured pieces for a wide range of seasons, meaning you can get more bang for your buck when building out your wardrobe.

Although plaids and patterns shine most in fall and winter, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them for much longer, particularly if the trends continue going in the same direction. A high-quality plaid shirt gives an outfit a workmanlike, rustic quality that can’t be replicated by any other style. Discover more great plaid shirts from Vintage 1946 here!

Trend #2: Chunky Sweaters

Want to change things up? You don’t necessarily have to get away from your favorite color when it comes to the tops you wear. You can change things up by adding some texture to your wardrobe as well. That’s especially true when it comes to chunky, thick-knit sweaters like our Block Knit Cardigan.

This is a bold fashion choice that still manages to have a calming effect on the rest of your outfit, thanks to its solid color. But make no mistake: this is a sweater for someone who wants to break outside the usual mold and don something that offers a little more stylistic heft. It’s a great way to show off a little more confidence in your fashion choices without choosing a top that’s inappropriate for casual get-togethers. Shop more sweaters from Vintage 1946 here!

Trend #3: Cardigans

It can be difficult to label cardigans a “trend.” After all, they’ve been popular for a long, long time. But given just how popular they are these days, it’s hard to deny the effect they can have on your wardrobe. Cardigans—like plaids and patterns—have an old-school quality about them. That vintage look is as trendy as ever right now, which is why it’s a great time to stock up on tops that you can wear for years.

To sport this shirt trend in high style, try our Cut Cord Cardigan in Light Grey! These pieces are great for added warmth in the winter. Plus, you can unzip them and enjoy a little bit more breathing room when it’s not quite so cold.

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