Top Men's Cold Weather Outfit Ideas

Cold weather isn’t just an opportunity to dress great, but it’s also a challenge. For many men, the idea of combining warmth, comfort, and style can be difficult. But if you stick to a few principles and know some of the top men’s cold weather outfit ideas, you can build outfits that keep you warm while also showing off your individual flair. Here are some of our favorite cold weather outfit ideas featuring items you can find right here at Vintage 1946.

A Quarter Zip Over Corduroys

Stretch Corduroy Marine

Stretch Corduroy Charcoal

Drop Needle Quarter Zip in Oatmeal

It’s not too hard to find a pair of pants that will help keep you warm. For instance, all of our Stretch Corduroys are warm, textured pants that will do the trick. There’s a reason these pants are a favorite for many men when the weather starts to dip in the fall!

But what do you wear with it? We recommend that you go long-sleeve with an item that’s stylish, but also built for cool-weather comfort. Our recommendation is this Drop Needle Quarter Zip top in Oatmeal. The 60% cotton, 40% polyester fabric blend is a nice mix of breathability, strength, and warming comfort. Layer it over another shirt for extra protection from the elements, or keep it neatly tucked under an outer coat.

Get Comfortable with Fleece

Frosted Fleece in Brown

Frosted Fleece in Blue

Military Twill Classic Fit

When you come indoors during the winter, one of the greatest ways to get warm is to throw a fleece blanket over yourself and relax. Why can’t you do the equivalent with your clothes? We’re specifically talking about our Frosted Fleece, which isn’t only comfortable for cold-weather climates, but will provide a great textural counterpart to just about anything you can wear below the beltline.

And speaking of what to wear for your trousers, we recommend providing a counterpart to the Frosted Fleece that will distinguish itself visually. The Frosted Fleece is fun and casual, so why not smarten it up with a pair of Military Twill pants in Fatigue? It won’t be easy to make two attractive solid patterns like this clash, and it will give your entire outfit a unique look that also happens to keep you warm.

A Vest with Classic Khakis


Polar Fleece Vest Pirate Black

 Military Twill Classic Fit Khaki

Classic Vintage Twill in Khaki

A great way to prepare for cold weather without getting too bundled up is to add a vest to your outfit. We recommend a Polar Fleece Vest. That’s easy enough. But how do you pair this with other items? Use the best possible items you can find. We recommend a sweatshirt and a pair of Classic Vintage Twill in Khaki to pull the outfit together.

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We hope you try out some of these top men’s cold weather outfit ideas. If you want more great ways to bundle up in the cooler months while maintaining a sense of style and individuality, shop Vintage 1946. We have plenty of collections to keep you warm without sacrificing the outfit planning you so enjoy in spring and summer!