Top Back To School Outfits for Boys From Vintage 1946

A new school year is the best time to invest in what makes you feel your best. By staying comfortable and stylish, you’ll be ready to tackle a new year with the energy and attention your work deserves. That being said, the key to a great back to school outfit is that it should still feel like summer, but be appropriate for school. To get you started, here are the top back to school outfits for boys from Vintage 1946.

Classic Shorts and a Tee

When the weather is still warm, you don’t quite want to give up on those summer vibes just yet. That’s why it’s a great idea to go back to school with a little bit of summer still incorporated in your look. Usually, this would mean opting for any old pair of shorts and a tee. But we thought we’d add some color to your outfits by recommending two essential pieces from Vintage 1946:

  • Negative Slub 3 Button Henley in Capri. This vintage washed shirt made out of 100% cotton fully embodies the feel of summer even as you head indoors for the season. It’s casual and comfortable enough to wear throughout the school day, but the coconut buttoning adds something extra that distinguishes this outfit from the usual shorts-and-tee combination. This shirt strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

  • Stretch Snappers in Khaki. When you’re getting ready for school, you don’t want to add a lot of extra steps to your morning routine. That’s why you’ll love the simplicity of these Stretch Snappers. These shorts look like a sharp pair of khaki shorts, but they fit like you’re slipping on your most comfortable pair of basketball shorts. For a quick way to look ready to take on the day, you need a pair of these shorts!

The Casual Beach Look

Another great way to bring a little summer back to school is to go for the casual beach look. One of the best ways to nail this style is to wear patterned shirts with a tropical theme. You might not be able to wear these again for some time—at least, not without feeling like you’re jumping the gun on spring. That’s why now is the time to take advantage of fun summer patterns for your back-to-school outfits!

  • Space Dyed Crew Shirt in Navy (Palm). This yarn-dyed microstripe shirt features a modern fit, 100% cotton, and sublimated print. It has everything you could want to stay breezy and cool while you work hard at school.

  • Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts in Slate. Stick with the cool summer breeze theme with these slate shorts. They match with just about anything yet offer a unique color, giving you the foundation your fun outfit needs to look school-appropriate


How to Make Your Own Back to School Outfits

These are our top back to school outfits for boys from Vintage 1946. But that doesn’t mean they have to be the only ones you can put together using our selections! Browse our vintage shorts to make the most of the warm season, and don’t forget to try a variety of our available shirts. Start creating your new look today!