The Right Way to Pick a Belt

Belts are an underrated and underappreciated part of men’s fashion. While they only make up a small portion of your attire, they have a lot to do with how your outfits come together. Choosing the right belt can perfectly complement a shirt and a pair of pants or shorts. Likewise, the wrong belt can wreak havoc, ruining what would have otherwise been a great look.

Here at V1946, we offer a selection of men’s belts that work nicely with many of the garments featured on our site.

Start with the Basics

We are going to focus on style later, but first, we need to offer a note on picking out the proper size for your belt. Since belts have a selection of holes to pick from when you put them on, it’s easy to think that sizing doesn’t really matter – after all, they are adjustable!

While that’s true to a degree, you don’t want to be stuck using a belt that is way too big or too small for your needs. If a belt is too big, you will have to overlap a lot of material to get down to that last hole, and it still might feel too loose. That leads to a sloppy look and an uncomfortable fit.

On the other end of the spectrum, a belt that is too small simply won’t work. You might not be able to get it on at all, and if you do, your waist will be squeezed so you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and your outfit won’t look right. At V1946, we offer our belts in all the popular men’s waist sizes, so you can pick something that is just right for you. As a rule of thumb, think about going one size up from your typical pant size to have just the room you need to use the belt properly.

Color is Key

The color of your belt is by far the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to appearance. There really isn’t a single color that will cover all of your needs, so be sure to have at least a couple of different shades in your collection. As a starting point, a black belt is a must-have. Black goes with most outfits, and will keep things on the more formal side for any professional obligations or events.

In addition to a black belt, a brown or tan option is also important to have available. This is almost always going to look more casual than black, but it can still be relatively dressy depending on the pants and shirt you select. For example, our Oil Tanned Dress Belt in Cognac is a tan shade but still gives off quite a sharp, formal appearance.

To draw more attention to your belt as a featured part of your outfit, move away from the blacks and browns and turn toward light belts or bright colors. A couple of our options that fit into this category include our Italian Cotton Stretch Casual Belts in Khaki and Navy.

The Right Material

Finally, you need to think about what material and style you’ll want your new belt to feature. As a general guideline, a simpler design is going to lead to a more formal appearance, while more patterns or softer materials will take a belt in a casual direction. Many belts are made from leather, of course, but softer options like belts made from cotton are rather popular as well.

Remember to think about the functional characteristics of belt materials when deciding which is right for you. Leather tends to be tougher and stiffer than a cotton belt with a woven pattern. That isn’t a matter of one being better than the other, but they will perform differently. Consider which you would prefer and take that factor into consideration while shopping.

Keep Your Options Open

The best way to make sure you always have the right belt for any outfit is to have plenty of belts in your closet. When you shop V1946’s belt collection, you can look forward to wonderful styles, quality materials, and outstanding customer service. Thank you for visiting and we are excited to serve you.