The Five Men's Pants Colors You Need in Your Wardrobe

Look at the pants in your wardrobe and be honest: you’re wearing mostly blue denim jeans, right?

It’s a safe and classic choice, no doubt. But there’s a bigger sartorial world out there, and more colorful choices for your wardrobe don’t have to end at the belt buckle. If you’re ready for an upgrade, here are the five essential men's pants colors to enhance your wardrobe.


What to Buy: Military Twill Classic Fit, Navy

Why You Need It: White or black may be the most versatile colors visually, but only basics like blue really work for men's fashion of all seasons. With a pair of blue men's trousers, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s fall, spring, summer, before Labor Day, after Labor Day—you just have to match it to an appropriate shirt and you’ll be ready to roll. This also gives you a great alternative to jeans while upgrading the quality of the fabric.


What to Buy: Military Twill Classic Fit, British Tan

Why You Need It: Technically, “British Tan” isn’t khaki, but so long as you add a khaki-like color to your pants wardrobe, you’ll be ready for just about anything. Khaki, like Navy, works in all seasons. But it’s also got a hint of professionalism to it, allowing you to wear it to the office or to formal social events without feeling like you’re underdressed.


What to Buy: Stretch Corduroy, Fatigue

Why You Need It: Buy the two colors above and you’ll have a basis for enough outfits for just about any week. But why end there? Fatigue’s brand of green is earthy, which is perfect for wearing plaids and patterns up top. What’s more, wearing a color other than blue or khaki/tan breaks up the monotony and can help to draw attention your way.


What to Buy: Sahara Twill Trim Fit, Dusty Khaki

Why You Need It: Imagine a color that’s just as versatile as khaki but unusual enough to make you stand out from the crowd. That's what we've dubbed Dusty Khaki, or silver/grey. This color is neutral enough to let the rest of your outfit stand out, but also pairs well with complementary colors to give you a light, subtle look that is sure to stand out from the sea of khakis.

Charleston Brick

What to Buy: Military Twill Classic Fit, Charleston Brick

Why You Need It: “Charleston Brick” is a light, salmon-y color that instantly changes an outfit from “well put-together” to “special.” It’s not particularly intense, which is good when you’re wearing a pinkish hue, but it’s plenty unique. There’s no better way to break out of the usual calm, earth tones that people like to wear than with a color that’s outside-the-box—without venturing too far off the beaten path. It’s a bold choice that’s also surprisingly safe in today’s fashion, which is always just the right mixture you need to walk with confidence in your men's pants choices.