The Best Ways to Style a Men’s Quarter Zip Pullover

The quarter zip pullover is a classic outerwear article for guys around the world, and for good reason. It’s comfortable and goes well with plenty of other stylish clothing articles. If you’re not sure how to style a men’s quarter zip pullover, read on; we’ll break down some key things to keep in mind and some ways to style your quarter zip pullover for maximum stylistic effect.

Why Wear a Quarter Zip Pullover, Anyway?

Truth be told, there are lots of reasons why you might want to wear a quarter zip pullover. For example, quarter zips are supremely comfortable, and they are perfect for the oscillating cooler and warmer weather of transition seasons like spring and fall. That makes them perfect outerwear articles for guys on the go and who go from indoor to outdoor environments frequently.

In addition, quarter zip pullovers are popular outerwear options because you can pair them with many different other types of clothing. Nice slacks, chinos, jeans, T-shirts, and much more are all possibilities. With that said, let’s break down some specific ways to style your favorite men’s quarter zip pullover.

Button-Downs and Chinos

Button-down shirts and chinos are classic menswear options. You can and should wear them with your favorite quarter zip pullovers, especially if you are heading to the office for a workday.

For example, you can pair a great looking, comfortable quarter zip pullover like this Space Dyed Micro Rib Quarter Zip from Vintage 1946 with your favorite pair of workplace chinos and a fitted button-down shirt. Now you'll be ready for any casual office get-together or running errands around town without having to change your clothes.

The beauty of this style arrangement is that you can switch out different articles or colors depending on the occasion at hand. For example, if you are going out on a casual date, make sure your chinos are an interesting color and pressed, then choose a button-down that complements the color of your quarter zip pullover. The sky’s the limit!

T-Shirt and Jeans

Of course, casual articles, like T-shirts and jeans, also go well with quarter zip pullover articles. Pick a T-shirt in a color that complements or matches your quarter zip pullover. Then choose dark navy jeans (or jeans in any other color depending on your preferences).

The key thing to consider is T-shirt color. The right T-shirt color will really make your quarter zip pullover pop and appear that much more stylish. If you choose a clashing color, on the other hand, your entire outfit can look thrown together in a less than stellar way.

Shorts and Sneakers

What’s this? You can wear quarter zip pullovers with shorts? Turns out, you absolutely can, and look stylish at the same time.

Quarter zip pullovers are perfect partners with shorts, in fact, because they will keep your upper body warm and comfortable while your shorts prevent your legs from overheating. It’s the perfect article combination for the in-between weather of spring, especially early spring in April. Plus, since your pullover won’t be the only upper wear article you have, you can always take the quarter zip pullover off in the afternoon when the weather becomes a little more comfortable.

Pair your favorite quarter zip pullover with some stylish, spring and summer-ready shorts, like these Micrograph Windjammer Hybrid Navy Shorts, to look cool and comfortable in equal measure. Then be sure to pair those with the right footwear choices, like sneakers or even sandals, to complete the look.

Add an Upper Layer During Colder Weather

Last but not least, if the temperature is a little too cool for comfort, add an upper layer on top of your T-shirt or undershirt and your quarter zip pullover. Pick something that can fit over your quarter zip pullover without fitting too tightly to your body; ideally, a good jacket will complement your shape and emphasize your physique or silhouette rather than swallowing you up.

The upper layer can act as a good insulator or protecting layer against rain, snow, or chilly winds. Then, when you go inside, you can take the outer jacket off and still look stylish with your quarter zip pullover.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are lots of great ways to style a men’s quarter zip pullover, whether you’re looking to dress comfortably and stylishly for spring or for warmer winter weather. Check out Vintage 1946’s extensive selection of quality quarter zip pullovers to find the perfect article for your style and budget!