Summer Workout Clothes for Men – Best Picks

Lots of guys enjoy working out in the hot summer sun. After all, if you find an outdoor gym or go for a run, you can get your tan on while building up your muscles and endurance. But to maximize your workout enjoyment and efficiency, you need to wear the right clothes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of top summer workout clothes for men. Let’s take a look at some of the best picks in more detail.

Basketball or Sport Shorts

As far as legwear is concerned, you have two options: go with shorts or go with pants. If you go with the former choice, basketball shorts or sport shorts are the perfect choices.

For starters, these are flexible shorts, so they won't limit your mobility as you run or do leg exercises. Furthermore, basketball and sport shorts are supremely comfortable, plus are oftentimes breathable and moisture-wicking. That means they will stop you from sweating up a storm too much in the middle of your workout.

Sport shorts can be particularly good choices if you like to workout, then immediately jump in the ocean or pool for a cooling dive. These Micrograph Sport Shorts from Vintage 1946 are perfect examples, as they are made of stretch quick dry fabric and a hybrid material perfect for land and sea activities alike. They’re comfortable, flexible, and feature elastic waistbands for added mobility; what’s not to like?

Athletic Pants and Joggers

However, you might prefer longer pants, such as joggers and athletic pants, for your outdoor exercises. In that case, athletic pants are good choices since they are moisture-wicking and are designed for flexibility and stretchiness as much as possible.

Joggers like these Blue Ridge Joggers from Vintage 1946 are optimal examples. They’re made to stretch to the max and are made of a unique 80% polyester and 12% spandex blend, affording you maximum cooling and breathability while also retaining significant durability. Joggers are great for going on a run in the cool summer morning or evening or for spending time at the gym without exposing your lower legs.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Don’t forget your upper wear. Short sleeve shirts are popular summer workout clothes for men, and for good reason. They don’t keep you too hot, but they also allow ample flexibility as you lift weights and move your arms around and above your head and shoulders.

Short sleeve shirts, however, can cause you to sweat significantly if you don’t pick the right articles. These Metal Vent Short Sleeve Crew Necks from Vintage 1946 are great options because they are made of a lightweight and breathable performance fabric comprised of 49% nylon, 38% polyester, and 13% spandex.

Indeed, should you choose to wear short sleeves during your summer workouts, make sure that your shirt is breathable and cooling, lest you accidentally overheat!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are good alternatives, as well. Tank tops, after all, don’t have any sleeves, so they let you show off your muscles and keep your arms from becoming overheated in the middle of your workout.

Tank tops are also fun choices because they are supremely flexible – they're as close as you can get to working out completely bare-chested. Pick tank tops if you don’t mind showing off your biceps and triceps and want total flexibility for your arm workouts.

Workout Shoes

You can’t forget your workout shoes, either. The best workout shoes are those that come with a lot of traction, like running shoes. Even if you don’t run, running shoes are perfect for a variety of workouts, as they will allow you to brace yourself on the floor and maintain perfect form without slipping around. Make sure your workout shoes are ready to go before lifting heavy weights or doing squats.

Workout Accessories

Then there are workout accessories. To maximize your summer workout fashion aesthetic, pick a few key accessories like:

  • A fitness watch, which can monitor your heartbeat and help you keep track of your workout performance
  • Basic beads, which are great for surfer guys who wear male jewelry
  • Wireless headphones or earbuds. Go with wireless whichever you choose so the wires don’t get tangled up in the weights or exercise equipment you use

Wrap Up

All in all, these summer workout clothes choices will keep you cool and functional during any type of workout you choose to enjoy. Whether you’re a runner, a lifter, or something in between, Vintage 1946 has the ideal workout articles for you to wear this summer and beyond. Check them out today!