Staying Stylish in Cold Weather: Tips for Men

When the seasons change, so do the clothes we wear. To further elaborate on this point, there are some clothes that are seasonably appropriate and others are not. A T-shirt and shorts obviously won’t look good in cold weather.

If you want to stay stylish in cold weather, this is the guide for you. Men who want to keep within a certain type of style can rock it in the winter with a few suggestions that we’ll offer in this guide. Let’s dive right in and talk more about how you can get dressed to impress throughout the winter. 

Make layering a priority 

While staying stylish is one thing, layering to keep warm is something to be mindful of. That’s why you want to consider layering different fabrics at the base, mid, and outer. For example, you can consider wearing Vintage 1946’s Heather Quilted Quarter Zip as an outer layer. 

Obviously, layering applies differently to your bottom half. You can wear long johns underneath while wearing something stylish especially if you live in an area where the winter weather can be biting cold.  

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re layering is to make sure you are comfortable and able to move. Don’t layer one thick material on top of another. Thinner layers should be at the base while mid and outer layers can be thicker themselves. 

Choose the right fabrics 

Needless to say, the right fabrics can play a major role in your winter style. Some of the best fabrics that are perfect for this time of year include wool, cashmere, and fleece. Vintage 1946’s Performance Micro Fleece Shirt Jacket might be one of those excellent additions to your wardrobe. 

Thicker fabrics will go hand in hand with the colder weather. A similar rule applies in the summer where you can get away with wearing thinner fabrics to keep you cool. 

What are the best outer layer selections? 

Selecting clothes to wear outdoors can be a challenge. The winter months require you to wear a coat or jacket. The thing to remember is that there are plenty of outerwear styles that can be appropriate for this time of year. 

Thanks to the overall versatility, you’ll be able to choose between pea coats, trench coats, and even parkas to name a few. When choosing a coat or jacket, make sure you choose the right length that is ideal for your body type. Someone who may be on the average or below average side of height can wear a jacket where the bottom can hang around the knees or slightly above them. 

If you are unsure of which jacket will fit you best, consider your body type and measurements. Some coats will be a good fit and others may not be due to the fact that it may be too long or short in length. 

It doesn’t hurt to add accessories 

When you are putting together ensembles for winter wear, remember that additional accessories can be your best friend here. This can include wearing scarves, hats, and gloves. You can keep it stylish while keeping warm as these accessories can be a necessity. 

Footwear is just as important 

Winter weather calls for appropriate footwear. One of the best options of course is boots. The real question is: what kind of boots will be a good fit for you personally? 

You can choose between leather or Chelsea boots. There may even be insulated sneakers that you can wear to keep your feet warm while you’re treading through the snow. Another thing to be mindful of is that you want to get footwear that has decent traction. 

The reason for this is that you may be walking on ground that is slippery. So it may be a good idea to get a pair of boots that can provide you with good grip. You should also watch your step carefully as you’re moving from one place to another. 

Know the occasion 

Each occasion calls for a different kind of style. You can wear something that’s stylish for the winter in a casual, business, or formal setting. So it may be a good idea to know what the occasion is so you can plan and decide accordingly. 


If you want to keep it stylish in the winter, these tips should help you out immensely. To find out what Vintage 1946 offers as part of your winter wardrobe, be sure to check out our site to see what we have for your personal style and taste.